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Lessons from IP leadership on day one of IPBC Global 2023

Delegates gathered in the tranquil San Diego surroundings to chew the fat about key skills for IP professionals and boosting diversity in the profession

13 June 2023

The Inventor’s Patent Academy is a creativity catalyst

Saturday Opinion: Qualcomm’s General Counsel Ann Chaplin speaks about the importance of diversity for driving innovation and how you can participate

10 June 2023

How IP managers can bolster trade secret protection in tandem with HR

As data breaches from within businesses proliferate, shifting away from IT and contract-centered policies to focusing on people can help plug the leak.

09 June 2023

Protecting trade secrets in the age of ChatGPT

With AI generative models taking the world by storm, companies have a new headache figuring out how to protect proprietary information and mitigate against potentially disastrous leaks

02 June 2023

Embrace IP disruption or get left behind

The launch of the Unified Patent Court today is the latest development in a revolutionary period that is only just getting started and from which there is no escape

01 June 2023

Making your CFO an IP believer: insights from Know Labs CFO and SVP of IP

Ahead of speaking at IPBC Global later this month, Peter Conley shares his wisdom on understanding and communicating value effectively

31 May 2023

Report urges companies to hunt for more value from their patents

PatSnap’s “State of IP” report reveals intelligence about patent value, monetisation strategies, IP department budgets and more

11 May 2023

Even the best chief IP officers don’t get everything right

In the 20 years IAM has been around, we have seen some brilliant individuals make a major difference to the companies that employ them. But they often leave a problem behind

11 May 2023

How Netlist uses IP licensing negotiations to boost manufacturing

In an exclusive interview, CK (Chuck) Hong, CEO of memory module firm Netlist, recounts the birth of its patent licensing programme and how IP helps fuel its products business

10 May 2023

Litigation risk, licensing tips and trade secrets strategies: takeaways from Auto IP USA

Nearly 135 automotive industry IP professionals convened in Motor City to hear from IP chiefs of OEMs and suppliers who discussed joint ventures, trade secrets, IP risk and SEP licensing

09 May 2023

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