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TSMC’s gold-plated approach to trade secrets strategy

IAM caught up with Associate General Counsel Dr Fortune Shieh about rewarding innovators and how the company clocked up more than 100,000 new trade secrets in a single year

19 January 2024

Navigating uncharted waters: Lessons from driving business impact-focused IP transformations

Konsert Strategy & IP delves into the challenges, strategic approaches and lessons learned from IP teams undergoing change

17 January 2024

‘Make it fun’ – the trade secret strategy of a leading biotechnology company

Takara Bio USA Vice President, Legal, Patricia Dyck, shares her insights on efficient trade secret management, and why she prioritises education

12 January 2024

How Microsoft is advancing diversity in inventorship

Celebrating and empowering women inventors: small, yet persistent steps

05 January 2024

Missed opportunities and risks around trade secret management highlighted in new survey

Deloitte’s first study of its kind shows 29% of the respondents do not actively capture trade secrets despite awareness that they can boost competitive advantage

05 January 2024

The AI patent gold rush — fortunes hinge on IP control

To be proactive and win the AI patent game, this five-step action plan will enable AI innovators to wield their competitive advantage

03 January 2024

Doing more with less – managing IP rights in the downtimes

Experts shed light on the best ways to reduce IP costs without compromising, with portfolio preparation and thorough evaluation of options taking centre stage.

07 December 2023

Nokia v Oppo and VLSI v Intel – it’s all about the human mind

These major disputes have taken important steps forward over recent weeks and it will be real people, not faceless companies, who decide what happens next. The calls they make could be worth tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars

07 December 2023

How a DNA sequencing start-up proved it is no pushover

TwinStrand co-founder’s grandfather famously didn’t patent the polio vaccine, but Dr Jesse Salk believes that protecting inventions is key to getting products to reach the market

05 December 2023

Using data to drive diversity at Spotify

The digital audio giant has been rigorously analysing the numbers to understand women inventorship

28 November 2023

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