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Nokia launches patent litigation against Oppo across Europe and Asia

The two companies have been re-negotiating a 2018 licensing deal covering wireless technologies

08 July 2021

The EU wants answers on Chinese SEP patent practice

A request for information filed through the WTO signals high-level interest in how courts in China are handling anti-suit injunctions

07 July 2021

Access Advance is the first to market with a VVC patent pool

CEO Moller hails video codec licensing “gamechanger” that delivers hassle-free backwards compatibility

06 July 2021

European patent litigation makes Oppo an EPO opposition target

Chinese mobile players are well acquainted with validity fights in the US and China, but Oppo and others increasingly find themselves under attack at the EPO

06 July 2021

If connectivity is a smart meter’s selling point, asking for manufacturer royalty payments is FRAND

The energy sector is emerging as the next European battleground in the seemingly endless struggle between wireless SEP owners and reluctant licensees

02 July 2021

Sisvel, Xiaomi reach settlement over cellular patents

Deal ends litigation in China and Europe, with Xiaomi gaining rights to mobile patents owned by Sisvel and Mitsubishi Electric

30 June 2021

Hold, sell, spin – LG Electronics’ powerful patents give it plenty of options

The South Korean company is leaving the handsets business and has some big calls to make about the portfolio it has in the space

29 June 2021

With patent licensors already knocking at the door, Reliance Jio will need IP savvy to deliver $50 handset

Asia’s richest man has promised the world’s cheapest smartphone; controlling IP costs will be key

28 June 2021

How the top mobile licensors’ patent portfolios stack up geographically

Exclusive IAM analysis reveals where the major players own their IP and whether their holdings can accurately be described as global

25 June 2021

Global innovation needs global thinking on IP and competition law

A country by country approach will not deliver the technology solutions that the Biden Administration and other liberal democracies are searching for as they face up to the challenge of China

23 June 2021

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