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Fifth Circuit boosts Avanci and SEP holders in finding Continental has no right to connected car licence

The auto supplier will see key lawsuit dismissed while the appellate decision might put to rest so-called ‘license-to-all’ claims in the US

02 March 2022

The FRAND prisoner’s dilemma

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q1: Patent Dealmaking

Matteo Sabattini, director of IP policy at Ericsson, explains why game theory provides a useful lens through which to examine the incentives involved in licensing negotiations

02 March 2022

Upcoming SEP fights will colour views of China’s judicial fairness

Aggregate stats have long shown that foreign IP owners fare well in China, but recent research published by IAM suggests SEP holders have justified concerns

26 February 2022

Chinese industry group lays out SEP policy priorities

Patent Protection Association of China tells US government that licensors should have to provide more detailed information about their patent portfolios in the course of FRAND talks

25 February 2022

Anti-suit injunctions are a race to the bottom – and arbitration is the answer

Alternative dispute resolution offers one of the few remaining ways out of the growing anti-suit injunction morass, argue Roberto Dini, Jing He and Mario Franzosi

23 February 2022

Huawei IP head eyes licensing expansion, but says priority is supporting the business

In the second part of his exclusive interview with IAM, Alan Fan explains that despite increasing monetisation opportunities his team’s main job is to secure the fruits of the company’s deep investments in R&D

21 February 2022

Europe is set to become an even greater focus for global IP strategists

Saturday opinion: IAM’s new Europe editor Adam Houldsworth outlines some of the key developments making the continent a must-watch for patent professionals around the world

19 February 2022

Comment period on reform of the EU’s SEP and FRAND system now open

The Commission has invited contributions from all interested parties, but there are potential problems in the way that it has framed the debate

18 February 2022

Dusseldorf appeal court AASI rejection could see more SEP suits go to Munich

Pre-emptive injunctions will not be granted against implementers, says city’s Higher Regional Court, in second recent blow to Access Advance licensors

16 February 2022

Avanci gets LG boost but awaits news from major licensors on 5G

The Korean company adds heft and quality to the platform’s current offering, but Qualcomm, Ericsson and Nokia are among big SEP holders that have yet to commit to the next programme

14 February 2022

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