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PTAB cases lowest in five years

In cases terminated in 2023, more than half of them were granted at institution

22 January 2024

US patent cases plummet by 18% in 2023

The disappearance of prolific NPEs drove filings down while trends in Delaware and the Western District of Texas have catapulted EDTX Chief Judge Rodney Gilstrap back to the top

15 January 2024

ITC opposes pause of Apple Watch ban pending appeal

US Customs to decide on submitted redesigns on 12 January, but the US International Trade Commission labels Apple an “indisputably adjudicated infringer” who just wants to keep infringing

11 January 2024

The R&D NPE humbling Samsung, Apple, Dell and others since 2018

Managed by Hilco IP Merchant Banking, Bell Northern Research has found a strategy that works, alongside sister company Bell Semiconductor

10 January 2024

Cloudera’s $240 million verdict crowned largest in US in Q4 2023

The data storage firm’s loss was the fourth-highest award in the last 12 months, with Google’s $338.8 million defeat topping the heap

08 January 2024

Back with a bang: Eastern District of Texas is the most popular patent court

New rules implemented by chief judges in both Western District and Delaware likely turned the tide

18 December 2023

Tracing the digital footprints of a trade secret thief

Digital forensics investigators share their advice for being one step ahead of critical information leaks

15 December 2023

A Closer Look at Patent Registration Strategies

Featured in Inside India’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

While India is emerging as a global player in innovation, it falls behind other major economies in terms of the number of patent filings. To ensure that progress continues, applicants must consider India’s IP market conditions and utilise them for effective registration.

30 November 2023

Delhi High Court addresses the idea-expression distinction in copyright dispute

An infringement case between two online storytelling sites has highlighted the difference between ideas and expressions, and their eligibility for copyright protection.

29 November 2023

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