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Canon IP boss speaks on adapting to the ‘new normal’

Kenichi Nagasawa explains the choices he is confronted with as covid-19 accelerates changes that were already taking place in the tech industry

23 September 2020

40 years after Bayh-Dole, the US government’s patent strategy may be at a turning point

There is growing pressure on federal agencies to enforce their IP arising from public-private collaborations

17 September 2020

Covid-induced changes are here to stay, Campinos and Iancu agree

Speaking during IPBC Connect plenary session, the EPO and USPTO leaders say there is no going back to the old ways and warn of decreased user engagement caused by the pandemic

16 September 2020

Pharma patent deal-making may be back with a bang

Following a spate of licensing deals, high-value life sciences M&A now seems to be back in business after a pandemic-induced pause

10 September 2020

Senator Tillis leads call for biopharma patent protection in any US-India trade deal

Letter to US Trade Representative from head of the Senate's IP sub-committee comes amid growing efforts to put a mini agreement between the two countries in place before November's presidential election

09 September 2020

AI-assisted covid-19 inventions raised new IP discussions, says scientist behind recent breakthroughs

IAM speaks to University of Michigan’s Professor Timothy Cernak about patent and licensing issues raised by recent chemical synthesis innovations

18 August 2020

With Chinese courts back in business, FRAND is on the agenda

Xiaomi’s Wuhan litigation is just latest reminder that China’s recovery from covid-19 could give local judges first say in major SEP litigations

17 August 2020

How compulsory licensing regimes in key European jurisdictions might respond to a covid-19 cure

Experts in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK explain how their jurisdictions are set up to apply march-in rights should viable coronavirus treatments emerge

14 August 2020

It’s not all bad news for biopharma IP monetisation during coronavirus slowdown

Oncology licensing, smaller acquisitions and abundant venture capital provide means of commercialising innovation during M&A decline

13 August 2020

Compulsory licensing of covid-19 treatments unlikely in China, Japan and South Korea

Experts consulted by IAM in the three countries downplay interventions, but it may be a different story in Indonesia and India

12 August 2020

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