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As the pandemic bit, Schaeffler Group, Sanofi and Abbott led the way with US patent abandonments in 2020

Exclusive IAM analysis reveals how leading businesses in seven industries handled renewals at the height of the covid-19 crisis

21 May 2021

India resists calls to use existing compulsory licensing powers for covid drugs

Despite advocacy of TRIPS waiver, the country’s government has expressed reluctance to bypass patent rights

18 May 2021

Iancu slams Biden Administration’s backing for “dangerous” covid vaccine IP waiver

“Once you have taken this genie out of the bottle, it will be very hard to put it back in again,” says former USPTO head

17 May 2021

Brazilian Supreme Court set to decide whether tens of thousands of patents live or die

Up to 30,000 individual grants are at risk as the country’s highest court decides whether to retroactively apply a landmark ruling it handed down last week

11 May 2021

Biden’s backing for the covid vaccine IP waiver should concern all rights owners

This week’s unprecedented move raises a series of worrying questions and puts in doubt the administration’s commitment to fostering innovative activity

08 May 2021

Biden backs covid-19 IP waiver in historic US policy shift

Landmark move suggests realignment in America’s domestic and international healthcare IP stance

06 May 2021

Brazilian Senate passes compulsory covid-19 know-how licensing bill

Vaccine owners may be forced to hand over trade secrets or have their patents cancelled under legislation endorsed by the upper house of the country’s Congress

04 May 2021

Get smarter about covid patents or pay the price

On World IP Day it's time to get a few things straight about where the real problems in getting jabs to those who need them really lie

26 April 2021

TRIPS covid vaccine IP waiver proposal fails to address crucial questions

President Biden and other leaders are coming under pressure to agree a suspension of IP rights, but a key point has been missed

20 April 2021

Brazil suspends drug patent extensions and reschedules key Supreme Court hearing for tomorrow

Long-running constitutional challenge putting 40% of patents at-risk set to be resolved, but further delays are possible

13 April 2021

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