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Politics look set to trump patents in China’s coronavirus vaccine effort

Remarks made by Xi Jinping suggest that if a Chinese company develops a covid-19 cure, compulsory licensing’s big moment might not arrive after all

30 May 2020

Russian ministry supports bid to liberalise advertising law

The advertising market has been significantly affected by the covid-19 pandemic and the resulting financial fallout. Deputy Minister Alexey Volin addressed the issue of market shrinkage at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, IT and Communications on 12 May.

27 May 2020

WHO covid-19 IP pool launches this week without strong pharma support

Open and global sharing of patents, data and know-how is seen as a step too far by many life sciences innovators

26 May 2020

Japanese covid-19 patent pledge triples membership, but users must read fine print

Big-name electronics and chemical companies have continued to sign on, but several have taken the opportunity to narrow the terms of the pledge and remind potential infringers that they won’t tolerate abuse

25 May 2020

The coronavirus has ended all hope of US patent eligibility reform

Opponents of stronger laws have seized the opportunity created by the pandemic to build a narrative that will make legislative changes to the 101 regime almost impossible to secure

23 May 2020

Iancu on new USPTO licensing platform – “IP will play critically important role in fighting pandemic”

The agency's Patents 4 Partnerships initiative is designed to help rights owners make relevant assets available in fight against covid-19

22 May 2020

Global calls for compulsory covid-19 patent licensing build

Scrutiny of biopharma innovators’ coronavirus IP strategies will continue to intensify in coming months as concerns mount about access to treatments

21 May 2020

Ominous signs for the global IP market in a covid-19 world

Leading in-house and private practice lawyers share their experiences of working in the shadow of a pandemic and explain what they believe might happen next

13 May 2020

"The entire environment has put a really big spotlight on tech transfer," says University of Kentucky licensing head

Ian McClure explains why the current covid-19 crisis could herald a revolution in the academic institutions’ licensing efforts, but also warns of potential dangers ahead

07 May 2020

Top Japanese corporates pledge patent non-assertion to speed virus fight

Canon and 15 other companies in tech, auto and healthcare make Open Covid-19 Declaration

07 May 2020

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