IEEE opens review of controversial patent policy

Standards body calls for “removal or revision” of factors relating to royalty calculations and injunctive relief

IEEE opens review of controversial patent policy
Ericsson, Samsung spar over venue and FRAND in Wuhan court hearing
24 Feb 2021

Ericsson, Samsung spar over venue and FRAND in Wuhan court hearing

Arguing for reversal of an anti-suit injunction passed last December, Swedish company suggests “broad, severe and global” ruling could amount to forced tech transfer

US must up its game in 5G’s hidden standards battlefield to counter Chinese threat, says prominent Republican lawmaker
22 Feb 2021

US must up its game in 5G’s hidden standards battlefield to counter Chinese threat, says prominent Republican lawmaker

As America slept, claims Senator Tom Cotton, Huawei "shaped intellectual property rights standards in ways that bolstered its bottom line and strengthened its market position”


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22 Feb 2021

Huawei projects big smartphone production cut for year ahead and that matters for licensors

Company insists it won’t sell off handset business entirely, but its procurement plans suggest we’ll see further fragmentation in market at a time when there are already concerns around royalty streams for patent owners Read more

19 Feb 2021

InterDigital reaps benefits of Huawei deal with jump in 2020 revenues; CEO Merritt eyes M&A opportunities

The patent licensor entered 2021 in a strong cash position but litigation costs ticked up thanks to Xiaomi and Lenovo fights Read more

18 Feb 2021

Ericsson IP policy head explains why she dissented in high-profile EU SEP FRAND report

Monica Magnusson claims not enough was done at the outset to frame the problems the paper was seeking to tackle and ultimately to build on consensus among authors Read more

12 Feb 2021

Chinese patent office appears much more dangerous if you're a foreign SEP owner

Statistics show that smartphone companies challenging foreign SEPs were top users of invalidation procedures in 2020, and did far better than average Read more


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19 Dec 2020

Those who adopt a hold-out strategy in SEP FRAND licensing should face the prospect of a market red card

Football shows how to deal with the long delays in licensing negotiations caused by those doing all they can to avoid paying a fair royalty, argues InterDigital’s Eeva Hakoranta Read more

18 Dec 2020

Japan’s leading corporate IP departments revealed

The country's Asia IP Elite made some big strategic shifts in 2020 as they weathered an unprecedented year Read more

17 Dec 2020

China’s top in-house IP teams revealed

In a year marked by resilience, Chinese IP giants are pushing to close the gap with overseas competitors Read more

15 Dec 2020

East Asian giants leave their stamp on the IP market

IAM reveals the Asia IP Elite members for 2020 from two dynamic high-tech jurisdictions: South Korea and Taiwan Read more


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11 Feb 2021

Notable dissent casts shadow over European Commission report on SEP FRAND landscape

Ericsson VP of IP policy, Monica Magnusson, argues that after more than two years of work report “fails to provide a coherent consensus-based structure” Read more

8 Feb 2021

Oppo tests power of high-volume patent attacks in China

Chinese smartphone maker is racking up a good hit rate in its efforts to challenge the validity of Sharp patents Read more

5 Feb 2021

Nokia CEO emphasises importance of IP creation and monetisation despite slight dip in licensing profits for 2020

Pekka Lundmark highlights investments in patent portfolio and increase in R&D spend, but business continues to face challenging headwinds Read more

3 Feb 2021

A six-point plan for a new approach to assessing SEP essentiality

The long read: As the European Commission  calls for reform of the framework governing the declaration, licensing and enforcement of SEPs, former EPO chief economist Nikolaus Thumm and ex-Philips CIPO Ruud Peters outline an effective structure for a new system Read more


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12 Aug 2020

IP market news highlights

A rundown of some of the top news stories on the IAM platform in May, June and July Read more

12 Aug 2020

As the fallout from covid continues, the two IP superpowers offer different messages

While China cheers an uptick in applications, the USPTO warns of a prolonged downturn Read more

8 Jun 2020

IP Market news highlights

IAM’s biggest spring reads Read more

8 Jun 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more