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With the chance of $1 billion damages, focus of NPE’s litigation with Apple now shifts to the UK

Fight on two fronts gives PanOptis possible edge where other licensors have failed; finding of willful infringement by district court means verdict could turn into top 10 award

With the chance of $1 billion damages, focus of NPE’s litigation with Apple now shifts to the UK
It’s not all bad news for biopharma IP monetisation during coronavirus slowdown
13 Aug 2020

It’s not all bad news for biopharma IP monetisation during coronavirus slowdown

Oncology licensing, smaller acquisitions and abundant venture capital provide means of commercialising innovation during M&A decline

“The best it could have been for Qualcomm” – reaction to blockbuster decision
12 Aug 2020

“The best it could have been for Qualcomm” – reaction to blockbuster decision

Market consensus is that Ninth Circuit ruling in FTC patent licensing dispute is a big win for company and for those who argue for limits on application of antitrust in FRAND fights


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12 Aug 2020

Compulsory licensing of covid-19 treatments unlikely in China, Japan and South Korea

Experts consulted by IAM in the three countries downplay interventions, but it may be a different story in Indonesia and India Read more

12 Aug 2020

Licensing 2.0 – licensing platforms for the knowledge economy

As the pace towards a knowledge-driven economy increases, there is an urgent need for holistic licensing solutions that support collaboration Read more

11 Aug 2020

Bypass covid-19 drug patents demand US state attorney generals

The pandemic has puts compulsory licensing firmly on the agenda in the country that is friendliest to life sciences IP owners Read more

10 Aug 2020

Avanci’s share of mobile SEPs far higher than previously reported

New research finds that the IoT platform could have a market reach of up to 80% in 3G and approximately two-thirds in 4G Read more


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8 Aug 2020

China's universities can shape the future of video - and more besides - if they get IP right

Robust technical contributions to VVC could turn into future royalty streams as the country's academic institutions get more involved than ever before in standards-setting Read more

1 Aug 2020

Ignore naysayers, the patent system is playing a vital role in the fight against covid-19

We have learned some important IP lessons in the months since the coronavirus pandemic surged across the world; one of which is just how crucial IP itself is to finding a way out of the crisis Read more

27 Jul 2020

Indonesia makes compulsory licensing easier as high-tech waits on key patent reform

Country paves way for possible covid-19 vaccine order, but promised protections for technology firms are taking longer than anticipated Read more

20 Jul 2020

After success of early stage covid-19 vaccine trial, Oxford University's coronavirus IP policy explained

With the promising news today that a coronavirus vaccine being developed by scientists at the university is safe and triggers an immune response, we revisit our exclusive April interview with the head of Oxford's tech transfer office in which he talks about its new, expedited, approach to granting covid-related licences Read more


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10 Aug 2020

Report: half of failed IPOs on Shanghai tech board sidelined for IP reasons

No fewer than 17 companies have had listing plans scuppered due to a variety of IP deficiencies Read more

7 Aug 2020

Intel is a major patent force and that matters

The chipmaker has taken a number of hits to its business, but analysis of its IP holdings shows that it could still have a few tricks up its sleeve Read more

6 Aug 2020

InterDigital faces Xiaomi FRAND fight, but revenue surges on back of Huawei deal

Despite dispute, CEO Bill Merritt remains positive. "Licensing is all about momentum and we certainly have a good amount of that now,” he says Read more

5 Aug 2020

Key takeaways from the DOJ’s big boost to Avanci

From moving beyond auto to questions of price and a chance to hit the accelerator, there’s much to dissect from last week’s announcement Read more


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8 Jun 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more

30 Jan 2019

Apple v Qualcomm is the global patent fight for our times

Why Qualcomm’s winning of an injunction in China against Apple is another sign that the patent market is drifting inexorably eastwards. With the country’s answer to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit opening at the start of this year, rights holders have even more reason to turn to Chinese courts. Read more

30 Nov 2018

After years of setting the patent agenda Silicon Valley is now playing defence

The USPTO director’s explicit rejection of the ‘troll’ narrative and the departure of key Congressional backers mean that big technology companies find themselves in the unusual position of not being in control of the US IP policy-making narrative. Read more