Govind Kedia

What does effective leadership look like to you?

Leadership to me is like charting a journey with a clear goal and guiding the team toward the destination, not by controlling but by trusting and delegating. I believe that we thrive on continuous learning, adapting to change and listening to customers. Mistakes are lessons that we learn from and it is our response that defines us. Embrace them, learn from them and forge ahead – that is my mantra. Finally, our growth comes from guiding others and enriching both sides.

In essence, leadership means pursuing clear objectives, fostering growth within the team and constantly seeking improvement.

As an IP strategist in Asia, what is your opinion on how the business landscape there has evolved over the years with respect to IP appreciation and adoption?

Asia's IP strategy has been profoundly transformed, marked by a surge in innovation and skilled IP professionals. Technology and digitisation have streamlined once tedious processes and revolutionised IP management. The shift from traditional to innovation-driven economies underscores the value and urgency to protect new ideas. Adding to this are strengthened judicial systems, enhanced data transparency and supportive governments that have fostered an environment for intellectual creativity.

To sum it up, Asia’s IP landscape has matured and now blends innovation and protection, paving the way for a prosperous future.

What are the most important nuances for international rights holders to be aware of before launching an IP monetisation strategy in India?

When monetising intellectual property in India:

  • ensure that it is central to your business plan;
  • find a knowledgeable local partner who will help you avoid pitfalls;
  • expect delays but do what it takes to expedite patent and trademark processes;
  • ensure that your intellectual property aligns with the diverse local cultures and avoids causing offence;
  • regularly monitor for similar intellectual property; and
  • stay current with IP laws.

In brief, success in India's IP market requires a strong plan, cultural awareness, local collaboration and patience.

What is one change you would make to the IP landscape in India, and do you think it is likely to happen?

With regard to India’s IP framework, there is a need to boost understanding and education, particularly around patents. Many find details like patent claims confusing, yet this understanding is vital for enforcing rights. As the number of patent filings increases, so does the likelihood of potential disagreements and the importance of clear, strong patents will need to be highlighted.

Improving understanding of intellectual property in India is crucial as the patent world expands.

Which aspect of your work do you enjoy most and why?

I take pride in helping bright minds protect their ideas and ensuring recognition and safety for their innovation. It is not just about the tech or the law but the passionate people driving them.

The constant learning curve and front-row seat to cutting-edge technology is exciting to me. The sense of aiding humanity's progress by securing each invention is most fulfilling for me and symbolises my role in this journey.

In essence, I enjoy being a part of the story of progress and safeguarding its authenticity.

Govind Kedia

Managing Director
[email protected]

Govind Kedia, managing director of Arctic Invent and director at Basck UK, leads global teams in IP portfolio building and management with more than 2,500 IP rights granted. Specialising in the deep-tech domain, he has 10,000 assets under management and has assisted in 3,500 projects. With more than 15 years of experience, Mr Kedia is a renowned IP expert, sustainability ambassador and active speaker, enhancing the value of start-ups and various-sized organisations.

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