Praveen Singh

How do you use automation and AI tools to assist clients and foster innovation within your practice?

We use automation tools to identify the technology categories of patents and to remove noise from large patent sets. We also employ AI tools to identify valuable patents in a patent portfolio and rank them. Further, we have developed in-house natural language processing-based programmes to cluster technology equivalent keywords, as well as to identify SEPs. Automation tools are deployed to cluster business information and product information in order to achieve meaningful insights.

Can you tell us what led you to a career in intellectual property and what advice do you have for anyone considering a similar path?

My fascination with technology developments and inquisitiveness into technology lifecycle changes led me to this profession. Anyone considering a similar path will be required to read and understand a great deal of patents and technical literature, but the gain is significant in terms of understanding technology. This is very helpful in comprehending systems that are technically complex and perceiving the world, which is going to be technology-driven in the future. Apart from this interest in technology, helping people to protect their intellectual property is a great experience. Assisting small and medium industries is very enriching, due to their diverse requirements and priorities.

How would you characterise the telecoms environment in India at present?

The telecoms environment is changing in favour of internet-based value-added services. Extremely cheap data prices have enabled wide internet penetration and have boosted the adoption of internet-enabled services. The start-up ecosystem is also helping with such changes. Multilingual applications are enabling the consumer base to expand countrywide, while the government push towards digital India is making possible digital payments for businesses. The roll out of 5G will further allow more services and platforms to build business opportunities.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing your clients right now?

Technology is changing rapidly, and companies need to adopt strategies that can help them to become market leaders. This necessitates outside support in order to analyse different technology changes and how markets will adapt to these changes. Clients ought to shape their patent portfolios with future needs in mind. Semiconductor domain clients find it difficult to license their patent portfolios due to the high cost of reverse engineering. Similarly, telecom and automobile clients experience a challenge in identifying SEPs from the declared large number of patents. Finally, companies would like to reduce the cost of patent prosecution and are looking for providers that can draft technically complex patent applications and office action responses.

What emerging trends or technologies are having the biggest influence on patent activity in India?

Emerging technologies such as AI, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things and cloud computing are having a significant influence on patent activity in India. Most of these patents are filed by overseas research centres of multinational corporations in India. There is a gradual increase in the share of patent applications filed by Indian start-ups.

Praveen Singh

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Praveen Singh is an energetic and experienced IPfocused technology leader at Researchwire, and provides services including SEP analysis, reverse engineering, technology landscaping, patent prosecution and litigation support in multipatent lawsuits. After graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology in electrical engineering, Mr Singh worked in R&D, and developed a keen interest in wireless communications, telecoms, 5G new radio, semiconductors and sensor networks.

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