8 Jan

Kent Richardson

What led you to your current career path – and what advice do you have for someone considering following in your footsteps?

Factors that led me where i am include a broad interest in business, technology and the law, and a continuing interest in applying solutions from other areas of business to patent strategy situations. I was in-house for the better part of a decade and I saw how other business units and business areas worked through strategic decision making. I adopted those practices for my team and now I bring them to our clients.

Advice to others: be curious beyond your chosen field, learn about the business of your company, accounting, HR, sales and so on, and always ask yourself how someone will not only take your advice but use it practically in their organisation.

What led to you co-founding your own firm – and do you have any tips for anyone considering doing the same?

We wanted to bring to others solutions we had developed in-house.

Differentiate yourself by sharing your point of view and your opinion.

How do you expect patent analytics tools to change the ways of working for rights holders and investors, particularly in the valuation space?

Improved analytics provides greater transparency into how well a portfolio is being managed and greater certainty of specific results. All of this is of value to patent owners and investors.

What does a winning IP monetisation strategy look like to you?

Successful alignment of specific business goals with patent management practices; a stated definition of ‘success’; and a set of metrics that align with near, mid and long-term components of success. Success is defined by not only the patent team, but by cross-functional teams across the business.

What three changes would you like to see to the US patent landscape – and do you expect them to take place?

Greater transparency on patent ownership. This is slowly happening.

Increased certainty in PTAB trials and appeals. Unfortunately, there is no clear path here.

A reduced emphasis on quantity, greater emphasis on quality. This has been a tough one to achieve and the timing of when and if this will happen is unclear.

Kent Richardson

Chief Executive Officer
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Kent Richardson is CEO at Richardson Oliver Insights where he supports customers to develop data-driven strategies based on patent market data and insights. He is also a partner at ROL Group, where he counsels clients on a variety of patent and business matters including patent buying, selling, licensing, valuation, prosecution and operations.

Mr Richardson has licensing and marketing patent portfolio experiences resulting in more than $600 million of patent licence bookings. He has also served as an expert witness on patent monetisation and licensing practices in cases in England and the United States.

He is a member of the California Bar and a USPTO-registered patent attorney; he holds five US patents, as well as a JD and a BSc in computer engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada.