8 Jan

Erik Oliver

Can you tell us about some of the biggest professional challenges you have faced, and how you overcame them?

I find networking challenging, yet it is a key source of client work. I have overcome this by reframing ‘networking’ as ‘meeting people with a purpose’ and recognising that people respond to authentic engagement and enthusiasm. Challenge conquered!

What are some of the key skills necessary for someone working in the patent data space?

Curiosity is key. Having an interest in better exploring the world and the data goes a long way.

How do you manage expectations and maintain close working relationships with clients when the stakes are so high?

The big one for me is having a deeper relationship through the honest and open sharing of more than just the facts. Sharing yourself as an entire person begets that and helps to build trust around client projects.

What do you expect to be the next big tech sectors to take off – and how can companies and investors ready themselves?

I would bet on autonomous vehicles and augmented reality in the computer and communication technology spaces moving into greater adoption.

How has the patent analytics space changed in the past 10 years and what changes would you like to see next?

The arrival of a strong set of machine learning-driven tools that enable analysis of harder and more complex data sets has improved the field. I would like to see more interoperability between tool sets in the future.

Erik Oliver

Chief Operating Officer
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Erik Oliver is COO at Richardson Oliver Insights with many years of experience in providing customers with data-driven insights to support decision making with regard to IP and patent strategies. He is also a partner at ROL Group, where he counsels clients on a variety of patent and business matters, including licensing, buying, selling, valuation, prosecution and business processes. He has patent portfolio licensing and marketing experience resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of patent licence bookings.