Tarun Kumar Bansal

President at Sagacious Research

Since 2017 Tarun Kumar Bansal has enhanced his focus on supporting R&D and business teams at large organisations, with new offerings including:



  • new application and business opportunity scouting (based on an organisation’s existing technologies);  
  • mega trend scouting (to identify disruptions at an early stage by a combination of IP, literature, market and primary research);
  • technology benchmarking regarding competing technologies; and
  • R&D problem solving (using literature surveys and primary research).

Based on the above services and an enhanced focus on combining market research with literature surveys, Mr Bansal has also furthered his engagement with IP group leaders at multiple companies (which no longer required regular patent landscapes) to enable them to become a driving force for business decisions, rather than just a service provider to their corporations.

Mr Bansal is also spearheading two new initiatives which will add value to global research and business communities:

  • Syndicated handbooks that provide one-stop access to all global inventions, major disruptions, upcoming trends and expert recommendations, among other things. In 2017 Sagacious launched 10 similar handbooks (eg, 3D printing, Perovskite Solar Cells, CRISPR-CAS9, CAR T-Cells).
  • An industry standard Sagacious Index known as SCALE (patent pending). SCALE is a competitive intelligence tool (such as Gartner Magic Quadrant) that uses well-researched and unique parameters to plot players in a given technology area based on:
  • investment (eg, R&D budget, patent filings and publications); and
  • execution (eg, products on the market, revenue, staying power and collaborations).

Under Mr Bansal’s leadership, Sagacious is expanding rapidly with over 240 employees across the United States, India, China and now Japan. Mr Bansal has been recognised by CNBC Young Turks and Red Herring Asia 100, and Sagacious has been recognised as a great place to work.

Professional associations



  • IAM/IC
  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • Technology transfer

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