Subhadip Sarkar

Assistant Vice President, Intellectual Property at Cognizant Technology Solutions

Subhadip Sarkar has extensive experience in the field of technology and IP management and has been instrumental in incubating IP practices in large corporations. He is responsible for establishing and driving IP and technology licensing strategies and implementing various IP practices across the company. His core competencies include managing multiscenario IP strategies, risk and compliance management, driving product and service IP strategies, the commercialisation of intellectual property, M&A, managing complex technology transactions, pricing and valuation of technologies, alliances and managing government affairs and public policy. In addition to managing intellectual property, Mr Sarkar was instrumental in incubating a new business venture for the company, where he gained experience in managing profit and loss, business development, delivery and operations.

Mr Sarkar also has experience in technology, R&D and project management in the field of cryogenics. He was involved in several innovative engineering projects, managing execution of large cryogenic projects, overseeing procurement, design and implementation, and commissioning large, complex projects. He also gained experience in sales and business development in his previous career.

Mr Sarkar speaks frequently at several industry forums, conferences and workshops, and has authored several papers, articles and book chapters in national and international publications, including a granted patent.

Professional associations

  • Indian National Bar Association
  • LESI
  • TiE


  • Energy/fuel
  • Engineering/construction
  • Software

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Cognizant Technology Solutions

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