Shin Yoshida

Intellectual Capital Manager at Dow Toray Co Ltd

Shin Yoshida is intellectual capital manager for Dow Group, leading innovation based on outstanding expertise in chemistry and global IP strategy building.

Mr Yoshida joined Dow Corning Toray in 2010 after receiving a BSc and MSc in chemistry from Tohoku University and bringing five years’ experience in research and development from JSR Corporation in product development of advanced materials in the electronics industry. He received an MBA from Nihon University with a thesis on IP strategy. Dow Corning Toray was renamed Dow Toray Co Ltd after the Dow Corning integration into Dow.

Mr Yoshida specialises in the intellectual capital management of large IP portfolios and IP strategy building, focusing on chemistry, entailing chemical technology development of synthesis, compositions and applications in the electronics industry, as well as IP landscaping.

Outside of Dow, Mr Yoshida leads a team developing an IP due diligence system with IP experts and Raytec Co Ltd. He has been reporting on new findings in public seminars held by Raytec since 2016. He was also part of a panel discussion on “IP in Asia’s growth markets” at IPBC Asia 2019 held in Tokyo. Mr Yoshida is an adjunct lecturer for the Graduate School of Science at the University of Tokyo.


  • Chemicals
  • Materials

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