Sherry M Knowles

Principal at Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies

Sherry M Knowles is principal of Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies in Atlanta, Georgia, providing global guidance on complex IP matters, litigation, licensing and prosecution strategy, policy and investor support. Ms Knowles has more than 30 years’ experience in global corporate and private practice. From 2006 to 2010, Ms Knowles was senior vice president and chief patent counsel at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and worldwide head of patents for litigation and transactional matters, managing more than 200 people in 12 offices.

In 2008 Managing Intellectual Property named Ms Knowles among the top 10 most influential people in intellectual property, referring to her as a “patent owner’s advocate”. In 2010 the New Jersey IP Lawyers Association awarded GSK (with Ms Knowles as representative) the Jefferson Medal for exceptional contribution to intellectual property. In 2010 Managing Intellectual Property named the GSK global patent team the In-House IP Team of the Year for 2009 for its constructive approach to intellectual property in the developing world, engagement with public policy in Europe and successful resolution of the USPTO rules matter in the United States. In 2011 IAM listed Ms Knowles among the top 50 key individuals, companies and institutions that have shaped the IP marketplace in the past eight years. Ms Knowles is listed in the IAM Strategy 250 (2011), the IAM Strategy 300 (2012-2021), Managing Intellectual Property’s Top 250 Women in IP (2014, 2016-2021) and IP Stars (2016-2021) and the IAM Patent 1000 (2015-2021).

Ms Knowles is a frequent speaker and author on US and global patent policies and innovation. She has spoken to the US Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on policy issues and has been active in IP matters in developing countries. Ms Knowles is also the founder of the Kectil Programme, which has mentored more than 2,000 youth in 63 developing countries on innovation and entrepreneurship.

IAM says

Sherry Knowles displays total commitment to her biopharmaceutical followers, which she serves as a counsellor and transactional lawyer. Reflecting her sensitivity to developments in the law and her instinct for the direction in which it is heading, her advice is like gold dust.

Professional associations

  • FCBA
  • IPO
  • State Bar of Georgia


  • Defensive patent aggregation
  • IAM/IC
  • IP management consultancy
  • Legal
  • Licensing
  • M&A
  • Technology transfer
  • Valuation

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Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies
400 Perimeter Centre
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Atlanta GA 30346
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