Praveen Goel

Chief Executive Officer at PG Technology Research

For more than 12 years’ Praveen Goel has been instrumental in solving diversified IP and business matters for a large number of technology companies, IP firms, start-ups and inventors. He has in-depth experience working with both in-house R&D cell of technology companies as well as IP outsourcing services in various firms, and managed key accounts for global companies. His strong acumen for IP monetisation has led to numerous patent litigation cases in US and European jurisdictions. While working as the IP manager at the R&D department of an Indian IT firm, Mr Goel helped the organisation identify products of potential IP risk and craft risk mitigation strategies.

Mr Goel is the founder and CEO of PG Technology Research, a firm specialising in IP research, development and monetisation services. The firm with the motto “result oriented approach” is successfully serving Fortune 500 Telecom, Internet of Things, software, semiconductor, hi-tech and defence companies. At PG Technology Research, Mr Goel is closely working with the IP and licensing departments of various technology companies to help them litigate and monetise their patent portfolios. Under the leadership of Mr Goel, the company has delivered exceptional results for its clients in a short span of its existence and has led to more than 100 patent infringement notices being sent to global companies. His efforts also enabled a telecom company to sell and license its patent portfolio. He also helped to earn dollars for a client through monetisation of its highly complex technology patents to a giant defence company. Inspired by the emerging start-up ecosystem of India, Mr Goel is currently working with global investors to identify investment opportunities in technology start-up companies of India.

Mr Goel is passionate for technology research and has three patents pending in the Indian Patent Office. He is keen to promote IP awareness and regularly conduct IP sessions for start-up firms and researchers.

IAM says

Praveen Goel is “one of the most proficient patent researchers” on the planet; “comfortable across diverse technical fields, he works with amazing accuracy and speed”. If he says a market is clear, then patrons can take his word as gold.


  • IAM/IC
  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • Technology transfer

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