Peter Stiefel

Chief Operating Officer at Daimler Brand & IP Management GmbH & Co KG

Peter Stiefel is general counsel and chief operating officer at Daimler Brand & IP Management GmbH & Co KG (DBIM). Since July 2018, Daimler AG’s IP rights (eg, patents, trademarks, designs and domains) have been prosecuted, managed, licensed, defended and enforced at DBIM, a cross-brand and cross-technology IP competence centre which handles all of the Daimler Group’s IP-related matters. This is the first time that such operations have been managed by a dedicated unit.

Daimler AG is one of the leading producers of premium cars and the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. It has a global reach and owns such brands as Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Freightliner and Fuso. Daimler AG provides financing, leasing, fleet management, insurance and innovative mobility services.

Dr Stiefel has extensive knowledge of and experience in the strategic and legal IP environment, specifically in the global enforcement of IP rights, with a major focus on anti-counterfeiting activities in global jurisdictions.

Before taking over responsibility as general counsel at DBIM, Dr Stiefel served as head of global brand protection for Daimler AG. Prior to that, he served as both in-house and external counsel, advising on product-related legal topics such as product safety and liability.


  • Aerospace/automotive

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