Olivier Thirard

Deputy Legal Director, IP at Orange SA

Olivier Thirard is deputy legal director of intellectual property at Orange SA. He implements Orange’s IP strategies and provides IP legal support to the IP and licensing department.

Mr Thirard’s role includes counselling and offering legal and transactional support for licensing activities – particularly in the patent, know-how and software licensing areas (eg, licensing through bilateral programmes and patent pools). He is also responsible for defining a comprehensive IP rights policy for Orange’s innovation and marketing group, as well as providing IP legal expertise and counsel to the business as a whole. He helps the legal department draft and negotiate partnership agreements and also focuses on open-source software-related activities.

Mr Thirard manages and coordinates various pre-litigation and litigation matters – both offensive and defensive – in Europe and the United States, primarily relating to patent and copyright infringement, as well as patent issues and dispute resolution. He defines and develops global IP dispute strategies relating to cross-border patent infringement actions and threats in the telecoms industry. He also provides litigation risk and opportunity assessments for senior management.

Mr Thirard has represented Orange in government affairs on IP issues as a member of various standardisation organisations, including the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, the International Telecommunication Union and the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA). He is a member of the GSMA IP rights working group focused on patents and standards.

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