Michael Taylor

Chief Executive Officer at ktMINE

Michael Taylor is CEO of ktMINE, a global IP data research platform. With 20 years’ experience in systems architecture and design, he custom built the infrastructure that powers ktMINE’s suite of applications. An expert in several programming languages, he is experienced in everything from back-office integration to enterprise-scale software engineering. Mr Taylor’s passion for data, connections and the business insights found within drives him to find innovative ways to provide actionable insights to business professionals.

Since its inception, ktMINE has added billions of data points beyond royalties and licensing information. The resulting platform is used across different industries and well-known organisations to drive corporate IP strategy and growth by utilising the value within clients’ IP portfolios.

Mr Taylor’s passion for technology motivates him to provide intuitive and insightful solutions to his customers. His desire to learn and uncover new ways to improve the ktMINE offerings drives him and his team to stay innovative and continue to push limits. Further, Mr Taylor has cultivated a highly collaborative and motivated team, which firmly believes in the value of working as a unit in order to seamlessly deliver reliable and effective offerings.

Having worked in a range of fields – from the government to information services – Mr Taylor has seen how the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mentality can stifle growth. As such, he constantly challenges his teams to break the status quo and strive to find new ways to create value for ktMINE customers. Under his leadership, ktMINE has received multiple awards, such as the BestInBiz Most Innovative Product of the Year and a People’s Choice Stevie Award.

Outside the professional environment, Mr Taylor shares his knowledge through mentoring programmes such as Girls Who Code.

IAM says

Machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analysis guru Michael Taylor is “relentless and cutting edge in providing valuable market insight from data buried deep within the public records of the Securities and Exchange Commission and patent offices around the world”.

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940 West Adams Street
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Chicago IL 60607
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