Matthew Vella

Partner at Prince Lobel Tye LLP

Matthew Vella is an IP attorney who specialises in patent licensing, litigation, financing and defence. He has architected, managed and executed more than 100 patent licensing programmes covering patent portfolios across a wide range of technology fields, including mobile computing, dynamic random-access memory and flash memory, computer architecture, databases, network management, web services, orthopedics, cardiovascular, image processing and graphics, automobile safety, voice/video codec, semiconductors, cell phone graphics processing units, high-definition television, business intelligence and analytics, credit card authentication and digital rights management. These licensed portfolios include the software patents associated with the iconic Palm Pilot device, VoiceAge’s (Université de Sherbrooke) 3GPP voice codec portfolio, Renesas Electronics’ memory portfolio, Software Tree’s object relational mapping patent, Nortel Networks’ voice over IP portfolio and Bay Networks’ data networking portfolio. Licensees under these programmes include almost every major technology company in the world.

Mr Vella joined Prince Lobel after serving as president and CEO of patent licensing company Acacia Research. Under his leadership, the company built and licensed over $1 billion-worth of patents and increased its annual revenue nearly tenfold. Before his success leading Acacia, Mr Vella was senior vice president, intellectual property at ATI Research Inc (since acquired by Advanced Micro Devices), where he asserted ATI patents, defended patent assertions made against ATI, prosecuted patent litigation and advised executive leadership on critical matters such as bet-the-company litigation. Mr Vella also served as lead patent licence counsel for telecoms company Nortel Networks. In this role, he founded and ran several multimillion-dollar patent licensing programmes, identified the top patents and applications in Nortel’s portfolio, and managed and favourably settled multiple patent infringement lawsuits.

Mr Vella has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles, has spoken at numerous events and has authored several published articles.

IAM says

When it comes to understanding technology, mapping it to claim charts and evaluating damages, Matthew Vella is incredibly proficient. Inventors immediately feel comfortable with him, taking confidence from his ability to drive value from intellectual property. He lives and breathes the subject matter.

Professional associations

  • California Bar
  • Canadian Bar (Ontario)
  • Massachusetts Bar
  • USPTO Attorney Bar


  • IP-backed lending
  • Legal
  • Licensing
  • Technology transfer
  • Valuation

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