Mark Kokes

Chief IP Officer at NantWorks, LLC

Mark Kokes is chief IP officer at NantWorks, LLC and the Nant family of companies, a large healthcare conglomerate based in Los Angeles. The Nant family is comprised of numerous companies which proudly hold foundational intellectual property in disciplines including blood-based biopsies, tumour and normal testing, genomic and proteomic-based diagnostics, small molecule pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, recombinant microorganisms, histopathology, machine learning, computer vision, secure networked communication, natural language processing, trusted distributed computing and cybersecurity.

Dr Kokes is a 15-year veteran of the mobile industry. Before joining the Nant family, he was entrusted with the monetisation of BlackBerry’s foundational patent portfolio. In doing so, he led all aspects of BlackBerry’s patent prosecution, licensing, IP ventures, acquisitions and divestitures, litigation strategy, technology research and global technology standardisation activities. Within three years, he built a $200 million-plus per-year licensing programme.

Before BlackBerry, Dr Kokes was vice president of corporate development and IP licensing at Intertrust, where he led all North American and European IP licensing and corporate development activities. He either advised on or was a member of the management team of a handful of Intertrust portfolio companies.

Before joining Intertrust, Dr Kokes held a series of senior engineering, corporate strategy and IP-related roles at Nokia Research Centre, Sony Ericsson’s Corporate Technology Office and HTC’s Corporate Strategy Group. He is an inventor on six issued US and international patents, has co-authored several additional international patent applications and has published more than 20 academic articles on various research topics. His academic interests include information theory, secure data transport and storage, resource-constrained platform security, trusted distributed systems, machine learning algorithms and platform virtualisation technologies.

Dr Kokes has a PhD (2002) in electrical engineering from the Southern Methodist University and a master’s (1997) and bachelor’s (1995, summa cum laude) in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University.

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  • Biotech
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NantWorks, LLC
Culver City CA
United States

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