Kevin Zilka

Principal at Zilka-Kotab, PC

Kevin Zilka has more than 20 years’ experience in the IP field. He is co-founder and principal of Zilka-Kotab, PC and founder and principal of Oso-IP, LLC. Since co-founding Zilka-Kotab over a decade ago, he has built a team of more than a dozen top-notch patent practitioners, managed thousands of patent assets for Silicon Valley Fortune 500 and start-up clients, represented clients in rigorous licensing negotiations and propelled the firm into the top 100 patent firms in the United States. Mr Zilka has advised on hundreds of patent enforcement, acquisition, licensing and other monetisation transactions. He has also leveraged his access to capital, his firm’s resources and his technical and legal skill set to successfully monetise patents in a variety of contexts:

  • He has closely advised numerous companies whose patent assets were monetised, yielding more than $100 million in returns.
  • He has invested in hundreds of third-party patent assets – many of which were licensed to Fortune 100 or 500 companies – delivering seven and eight-figure returns.
  • He has compensated patent owners with millions of dollars in royalty share payments in connection with the successful monetisation of their patents.
  • He has consistently created significant patent value by turning unmarketable pending patent applications into premier patent portfolios which supported seven and eight-figure transactions.
  • He was a named inventor on more than a dozen patents and numerous patent applications which were successfully monetised from conception to enforcement and licensing, generating significant seven and eight-figure sums.
  • He founded a software company that brought products to market and managed an IP-driven eight-figure exit.
  • He has channelled millions of dollars of patent licensing revenue to charities which enrich the lives of the underprivileged.

While Mr Zilka specialises in every stage of the patent procurement, licensing and enforcement process, his key differentiator is his expertise in early-stage IP opportunities that fuse his talents of early recognition of winning technology, strategic procurement of enforcement-ready patents and development and execution of licensing-centric business strategies from the ground up.

IAM says

Kevin Zilka has deep IP roots, impeccable integrity and immense skill. An exceptional strategist from invention inception through to prosecution and monetisation, and an outstanding leader, he is in the very top percentile of private practitioners in performance terms.


  • Brokering
  • Defensive patent aggregation
  • IAM/IC
  • IP management consultancy
  • Legal
  • Licensing
  • Technology transfer

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Zilka-Kotab, PC
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