Jonathan Darcy

Chief IP Counsel at Jabil Inc

Jonathan Darcy is chief IP counsel for Jabil Inc, a technologically advanced manufacturing solutions provider. Jabil’s clients need their business partners to drive innovation, be agile enough to move manufacturing workloads quickly in the face of political and policy shifts, leverage new technologies using engineering resources distributed throughout an ecosystem and master the art of supply chain orchestration to ensure a personalised and superior customer experience. These needs present both traditional and evolving IP challenges. Mr Darcy leads a diverse team of IP professionals who help Jabil to partner with customers – ranging from the biggest and best-known brands to technology start-ups – to address these challenges.

Before joining Jabil, Mr Darcy served as senior director of global IP strategy for BlackBerry (previously Research In Motion). Before that, he was a partner in both general practice and IP-specialised law firms, serving clients throughout the world.

Under Mr Darcy’s direction, Jabil’s IP team is growing business value by fostering and aligning IP assets with strategies for changing business models and goals – evolving Jabil’s programmes and processes to protect and leverage intellectual property; ensuring that IP rights and risk are properly allocated in commercial, supply chain, development, merger and acquisitions and other corporate transactions; and educating and evangelising the importance of intellectual property and innovation.


  • Aerospace/automotive
  • Defence
  • Electronics
  • Energy/fuel
  • Engineering/construction
  • Materials
  • Medical devices
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecommunications

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Jabil Inc
St Petersburg FL
United States

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