Joacim Lydén

Partner at AWA

Joacim Lydén advises clients and manages IP portfolios in Europe and internationally, with a special focus on European versus US prosecution in areas such as medtech, electronics, mechanical engineering and energy. He is experienced in contentious and non-contentious patent and design prosecution, as well as enforcement matters and IP transactions.

He has been practising since 2007 and is a professional representative before the EPO, the EUIPO for design matters, the Swedish Patent and Registration Office and has passed the USPTO qualification examination.

Mr Lydén has extensive experience working with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from as early as initial formation and product development, all the way through to initial fund raising and initial public offerings. He has been active in several investment rounds for SMEs ensuring that the value of intellectual property is captured and maximised.

His clients include some of the most innovative companies engaged in the medtech sector. He has particular experience in this sector utilising intellectual property as an instrument to develop future products and attract investment and extensive patent coverage.

Mr Lydén also work closely at the R&D level for clients, both alongside the innovation process and in terms of evaluating potential trade secrets.

IAM says

Joacim Lydén consistently meets the highest standards of quality and can be relied on for the best possible results on any work matter. He has a fine-tuned understanding of IP systems in Europe and the United States, which he leverages in seizing upon strategic IP opportunities that others miss.

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