Jason Loh

Chief Executive Officer at Piece Future

Jason Loh is an innovator at heart with a mission to drive the growth of companies through the power of intellectual property. He is an advocate of the active utilisation of intangible assets and is an expert in developing brand and growth strategies for companies through global IP strategies, IP monetisation, IP risk aversions, technology IP innovations and anchoring intellectual property to business strategies.

Previously, Mr Loh was head of Panasonic’s IP group (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) for 16 years. He then founded Piece Future, an Asian IP investment bank. Piece Future serves as a vital key in the IP innovation ecosystem, providing IP-driven business solutions to multinationals and start-ups. Mr Loh formulated a unique in-house dynamic market patent valuation system, Valuation360, which evaluates market, technology and legal potentials. This system helps multinationals to manage and commercialise challenging portfolios. The initiative has helped his clients to uncover numerous hidden gems in their patent portfolios and has generated manifold returns from their investments.

Mr Loh has created the world’s first IP innovation start-up competition, IPHatch, which runs in Singapore, Hong Kong and is expanding fast in Asia. Over the past two years, Piece Future has invested in more than 10 start-ups, with many more coming up through the IPHatch investment pipeline. Together with two renowned bankers, Mr Loh further established an IP-focused venture capital firm, which has been granted a licence by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to invest in promising companies to accelerate their growth. As such, Piece Future encompasses the IP innovation ecosystem, including its innovation platform (IPHatch), venture capital firm, start-up incubator and its co-working space connections with many supporting partners and organisations in the start-up landscape.

Mr Loh is an activist for IP commercialisation and innovation. He is director of the International IP Commercialisation Council Singapore, executive adviser for Asia to the United Kingdom’s Institute of Innovation Knowledge Exchange, managing partner of i2P Ventures (a start-up incubator) and partner of True Vine Capital Partners Pte Ltd.

IAM says

Jason Loh is “well versed in all aspects of IP investment and growth” and “excellent at connecting IP professionals with business owners”. “For many in the Hong Kong start-up community, he has been instrumental in developing IP strategies.”

Professional associations

  • IPTC


  • Finance
  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • Technology transfer
  • Valuation

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Piece Future
45 Middle Road
Singapore 188954

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