Henrik Olsson

Managing Partner at AWA Strategy

Henrik Olsson has more than 20 years’ experience in the IP field in both industry and private practice. He is the managing partner at AWA Strategy, a commercial-oriented business function within the AWA Group, which is dedicated to strengthening the competitiveness of knowledge-based companies using intellectual property.

AWA Strategy supports companies by injecting business acumen into IP operations, increasing and clarifying their return from intellectual property. AWA Strategy’s value proposition is to deliver tangible commercial value.

Mr Olsson was the global IP director for the Volvo Group between 2010 and 2016. Before that, he was the manager of intellectual asset management at AB SKF. In these global positions, his focus areas included developing IP operations to achieve business alignment and efficiency. He was able to achieve high commercial value through the intelligent use of resources and money.

Mr Olsson’s experience includes developing, implementing and executing commercial IP strategies from branding, business model, unique selling points and product and service management elements via licensing, product pricing and enforcement in order to obtain higher profits.

In terms of IP operations, Mr Olsson, together with the AWA Strategy team, can design, review and drive effective IP infrastructures, including processes, roles, competence needs, organisation, governance and IP risk management. He is also experienced in managing the responsibilities of multinationals’ IP functions, setting up global joint ventures and driving M&A from an IP perspective.

IAM says

Henrik Olsson “understands not just what an effective IP strategy looks like, but how to execute it”. “He interacts well with R&D managers to extract the right intellectual property and then builds valuable portfolios that align perfectly with clients’ commercial needs.”

Professional associations

  • CIP


  • Defensive patent aggregation
  • IAM/IC
  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • M&A
  • Technology transfer

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AWA Strategy
S Hamngatan 37-41
Gothenburg 411 06

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