Erik Reeves

Chief Technology Officer at Anaqua

As chief technology officer, Erik Reeves leads Anaqua’s long-term technology vision and is responsible for the global engineering and quality assurance teams across all software product lines. He is known for championing the deep integration of data analytics, decision support and artificial intelligence in the Anaqua platform. Mr Reeves also oversees a team responsible for modernising the software platform’s user interface and user experience, automation and the integration of global IP data for informing IP strategy. He remains active in innovation in patent analytics and workflow areas. With more than 25 years in the IP and innovation field, Mr Reeves has extensive IP data domain experience and guides Anaqua’s technical strategies to fulfil a vision of data intelligence and decision support unparalleled in the IP market.

In 2016 Mr Reeves joined Anaqua through the acquisition of AcclaimIP, a business that provides fast and powerful search and analysis tools for inventors, attorneys, researchers and executives to build superior patent strategies. As co-founder of AcclaimIP and (FPO), Mr Reeves has provided innovative tools that set a new bar for usability and speed in the IP industry. FPO and AcclaimIP solutions have provided patent data and documents to more than 1 billion queries in the last decade. Mr Reeves remains committed to building best-in-class professional analytics solutions, as well as the democratisation of public IP data – making the global community smarter on intellectual property.

Active in the IP market, Mr Reeves engages in several thought leadership opportunities in the industry and frequently participates in panels, podcasts and articles on topics including patent search and patent landscaping, IP ecosystem modelling and big data strategy.

IAM says

Data analytics and automation are driving ever smarter and more efficient patenting activity – Erik Reeves is at the forefront of this trend. Constantly building on his IP data expertise, he deploys problem-solving excellence and innovative thinking.

Professional associations

  • LES
  • PIUG


  • IP management consultancy
  • Technology transfer
  • Valuation

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31 St James Avenue
Suite 1100
Boston MA 02116
United States

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