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David Boundy assists clients in integrating IP strategy with other corporate functions such as marketing, finance and R&D, coordinating their legal and technological goals. Mr Boundy advocates with investors, strategic partners and legal authorities.

Mr Boundy was vice president for intellectual property and assistant general counsel for a well-known Wall Street financial services firm. There, he helped to integrate the firm’s IP processes with other business interests. As outside counsel, Mr Boundy counselled on multibillion-dollar corporate transactions, licensing, financing and patent purchase and sale deals.

Mr Boundy has counselled on patent portfolio management, licensing, defence, assertion and acquisition in financial services, computer architecture, systems software, medical devices and high-tech industrial products. Several of Mr Boundy’s patents have been licensed in the tens of millions of dollars.

In corporate transactions, Mr Boundy represented parties in Hewlett-Packard’s spin-off of Agilent Technologies, Maytag’s sale of The Hoover Co and Philips Electronics’ acquisition of Color Kinetics, and in the recapitalisations of several well-known IP-based companies.

Mr Boundy is recognised as one of the United States’ foremost experts at the intersection of administrative law and IP law, the law governing the USPTO and how clients can use that law to their advantage. In March 2018 he was invited by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to chair a panel to assist the court in understanding that area of the law. From 2007 to 2009, Mr Boundy led teams that successfully urged the Executive Office of the President to quash rules that would have curtailed patent protection for complex inventions.

Mr Boundy brings an engineer’s problem-solving skills to his IP consulting, based on a BS cum laude with a triple major in mathematics, physics and computer science, an MS in computer engineering from the University of Michigan, graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a 10-year career in computer engineering. Mr Boundy has a JD with honours from Columbia University in New York.

IAM says

David Boundy knows patent and administrative law profoundly and has done much to support the effective functioning of the US patent protection system. He is also equipped with a perfect understanding of the role intellectual property plays in wider corporate strategy.

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