Charlotta Ljungdahl

Group Vice President, Intellectual Property at Air Liquide

Charlotta Ljungdahl is vice president of intellectual property for the Air Liquide Group. She is a Swedish native and has been based in Paris since 2013.

Innovation is a pillar of Air Liquide’s strategy, and its approach to innovation is openness and connectedness with diverse ecosystems. Ms Ljungdahl’s mission is to implement the group’s medium and long-term IP strategies, which are fuelled by a dynamic open innovation strategy. Recently the group has inaugurated five innovation campuses worldwide, reinforcing its commitment to innovating in ecosystems. One major focus for innovation is climate change and renewable energy solutions, and the group is strongly positioned in this area with specific climate objectives.

The global IP team led by Ms Ljungdahl is based in Paris, with offices in six locations worldwide and is trusted with all facets of IP-related activities, including patents, copyright, trademarks, design and negotiation of technology transactions with partners from the business (including start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises) and academia. The Air Liquide IP department is strategically positioned in order to allow the IP team and each of its members to truly be business partners at all levels of the innovation and business lifecycle. In order to achieve the IP department’s broad and strategic purpose, a key focus has been to establish and animate a diverse and strong team – in terms of geography, talents and expertise. This focus has enabled a powerful combination of local, country-specific expertise on one hand, and the efficiencies of a global centralised structure on the other. Another main focus for the group is to continuously build the individual skills and expertise of each team member and ensure they have a central role in business decisions.

Ms Ljungdahl is a strong promoter of intellectual property in the external community. She is active in the International Chamber of Commerce and is vice president of the Licensing Executives Society France. She is a board member of the 4iP Council as well as Union des Fabricants. Ms Ljungdahl is also a licensed attorney with the State Bar of New York.

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  • 4iP Council
  • ICC
  • LES
  • Union des Fabricants


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