Anna Maria Lagerqvist Gahm

Senior IP Counsel at Volvo Car Corporation

Anna Maria Lagerqvist Gahm is senior IP counsel and deputy chief IP counsel at Volvo Car Corporation with global corporate responsibility for providing legal advice on all IP-related matters at Volvo Car Corporation.

Ms Lagerqvist Gahm is a standing member of Volvo Car Corporation’s cross-functional core business alliance team, coordinating all alliances within Volvo Cars and building up and negotiating cooperation agreements with external partners, with a special focus on IP and tax strategies, as well as technology transfer with the purpose of mitigating risk and positioning intellectual property at every stage of the deal-making process.

Ms Lagerqvist Gahm sets up new strategies for the creation, protection, defence, enforcement and exploitation of IP assets with a focus on aligning IP and business strategies to ensure Volvo Cars’ long-term leadership in innovation. She evaluates and reports trends and risks in the constantly changing, competitive landscape of the automotive industry and improves and upgrades internal and external processes in order to drive value, gain commercial advantage and increase return on investment on intellectual property.

Ms Lagerqvist Gahm also reviews and improves strategies, routines and guidelines for data and trade secret management, drives and coordinates IP litigation and assertions, and supports procurement, legal, R&D and tax on various contracts, such as supply, outsourcing, development and collaboration, licensing with a focus on software, advisory and consultancy agreements.

Ms Lagerqvist Gahm has over 18 years’ experience in all IP matters on both contentious and non-contentious legal issues across all industry sectors. She has held numerous positions in top law firms as senior partner and as part of the management team, restructuring, developing and heading private practice legal teams, and has been heavily involved in business development on senior management level.

Ms Lagerqvist Gahm has a solid business background and a strong technical acumen. She is a well-renowned and frequent speaker at international IP forums.

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