Abha Divine

Managing Director at Techquity Capital Management

Abha Divine’s career demonstrates proven results in the successful planning and launch of new businesses and technology-driven offerings. In 2008 Ms Divine co-founded Techquity Capital Management, an IP investment firm devoted to unlocking value from innovation. The firm partners with IP owners to deploy untapped IP assets, broaden market reach and provide liquidity for their intellectual property.

Before Techquity, Ms Divine launched AT&T Knowledge Ventures (KV), overseeing the worldwide IP portfolio for the AT&T family of companies. As president and CEO, she led the organisation to deliver measurable earnings-per-share impact annually, beginning in the second year of operation, and established AT&T KV as one of the leading producers of IP assets and revenue in its industry. In 2005 she and the organisation were recognised by the National Taskforce for Knowledge and IP Management as Innovator of the Year.

Previously, as SBC’s vice president of corporate strategy, Ms Divine was responsible for the creation of SBC’s data networking, managed services and hosting businesses, as well as the restructuring of its consumer broadband strategy to achieve SBC’s broadband leadership position. In this role she led a team in defining and executing acquisitions, strategic alliances and buy-outs required for success in key growth areas.

Ms Divine has developed significant technologies in product arenas, ranging from video coding to personalised content delivery. She is a contributing author to Innovate or Perish: Managing the Enduring Technology Company in the Global Markets.

Ms Divine earned an MBA from the University of Texas and an MSEE from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She holds bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and applied mathematics from Southern Methodist University (SMU), and sits on the board of the Bobby Lyle School of Engineering at SMU and the Visiting Committee for Research at MIT.

IAM says

Abha Divine is “truly is one of the most exceptional players in the IP monetisation space”. “She is a skilled and highly professional negotiator, who approaches licensing negotiations with a genuine desire to create value on both sides of the transaction.”


  • Finance
  • IAM/IC
  • IP management consultancy
  • IP-backed lending
  • Licensing
  • M&A
  • Valuation

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