Three takeaways as China's biggest internet patent battle is put on hold

Sogou has won on several patent infringement counts against larger rival Baidu, but the four-year-old fight is still not over with a clash in China’s IP appeals court delayed due to Covid-19

Three takeaways as China's biggest internet patent battle is put on hold
20 Feb 2020

The two biggest challenges facing AI patents in autonomous driving

With a market projected to reach $80 billion by 2025, a pair critical inventorship issues must be addressed before the technology becomes more commonplace

20 Feb 2020

Amgen rewarded for bold DJ strategy in biosimilar dispute with Genentech

Delaware district court sides with biopharma giant in first cancer biosimilar suit, which is being watched closely in life sciences sector


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19 Feb 2020

A deep dive into global innovation landscape emphasises the need for collaboration

Working together to develop new products is becoming a new business imperative, according to Clarivate’s latest top 100 global innovators report Read more

19 Feb 2020

Huawei seeks to leverage invalidations in InterDigital dispute

The US-based licensing company faces an onslaught of invalidity actions at China's Patent Office, with about half of the decisions still to come Read more

18 Feb 2020

Tell us what you think of the latest developments in the global IP market

IAM's annual IP benchmarking survey opens today Read more

18 Feb 2020

UK Supreme Court case could have big impact on biotech IP strategies

A much-watched dispute over Regeneron transgenic mice patents will affect when and how life sciences innovators seek protection for their increasingly complex inventions Read more


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6 Feb 2020

Key takeaways from IAM’s 2020 Pharma and Biotech IP event

The UPC, the rise of AI, international patent litigation and pharma patent dealmaking were among the hot topics discussed at this year’s conference Read more

1 Feb 2020

We need better thinking on US pharma patent reforms

As the presidential race heats up - and with even self-styled Democrat centrist Michael Bloomberg now promising radical regime change - life sciences IP professionals must interject some sanity into the debate Read more

30 Jan 2020

Mobile licensing transparency calls for less dogmatism and more pragmatism, says InterDigital boss

In the wake of the mobile technology R&D and licensing firm's decision to throw more light on its approach to dealmaking, president and CEO Bill Merritt explains what it is seeking to achieve Read more

28 Jan 2020

Shanghai research group to license SEPs through Sisvel

Langbo Communications Technology CEO Yang Lin tells IAM he’s hoping to build “China’s InterDigital” Read more


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18 Feb 2020

Chinese chipmakers clash over fingerprint recognition tech

A dispute over biometrics continues to ensnare two companies backed by China’s big government chip fund Read more

17 Feb 2020

The keys to securing diagnostic method claims patents in the US

Understanding three significant Federal Circuit rulings – and then following clear procedural advice – could make the difference between success and failure Read more

14 Feb 2020

It’s a tight race for autonomous driving patent leadership

New analysis gives unparalleled insight into the key players in self-drive technologies and shows Waymo, Toyota, GM and Ford vying for top spot Read more

13 Feb 2020

TSMC surge fuels increase in patenting by Taiwanese companies

Alibaba continues to outpace semiconductor players as the biggest patent filer from outside the island Read more


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30 Jan 2019

Apple v Qualcomm is the global patent fight for our times

Why Qualcomm’s winning of an injunction in China against Apple is another sign that the patent market is drifting inexorably eastwards. With the country’s answer to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit opening at the start of this year, rights holders have even more reason to turn to Chinese courts. Read more

30 Nov 2018

After years of setting the patent agenda Silicon Valley is now playing defence

The USPTO director’s explicit rejection of the ‘troll’ narrative and the departure of key Congressional backers mean that big technology companies find themselves in the unusual position of not being in control of the US IP policy-making narrative. Read more

27 Sep 2018

A Brexit IP issue with serious political consequences

The UPC and EU trademarks will not inflame any Brexit passions among those outside the IP bubble, but geographical indications are a different matter altogether Read more

1 Feb 2018

Rollercoaster ride for SEP owners continues through 2017

SEP owners had much to celebrate in 2017 but a major decision from a US court meant that the year ended with a familiar amount of uncertainty Read more

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