Seeking approval for China IPO, Ninebot embarks on wide-ranging patent offensive

The Segway owner once relied on US courts to go after infringers, but its IP strategy has shifted closer to home

Seeking approval for China IPO, Ninebot embarks on wide-ranging patent offensive
Netflix is an increasingly attractive patent litigation target
28 May 2020

Netflix is an increasingly attractive patent litigation target

Recently targeted by Broadcom and Personalized Media Communications, the streaming giant is beginning to prepare for its new IP normal

Chinese firms turn tables in solar patent battle
28 May 2020

Chinese firms turn tables in solar patent battle

South Korea’s Hanwha Q-Cells looks to be coming up short in a big ITC case, and now a state-owned Chinese rival is going on the offensive


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27 May 2020

European Patent Office still top for quality and service, new IAM benchmarking report finds

Top ratings once again for the agency led by António Campinos, but Andrei Iancu’s USPTO slips down, according to respondents to our annual survey of in-house and private practice professionals Read more

26 May 2020

Revealed: the billions to be spent on patent renewals in 2021 and beyond

Samsung on the hook for over $135 million this year alone, with China's national IP office and the USPTO set to pull in $100 billion over lifetime of all their active grants Read more

26 May 2020

WHO covid-19 IP pool launches this week without strong pharma support

Open and global sharing of patents, data and know-how is seen as a step too far by many life sciences innovators Read more

22 May 2020

Uber's four key principles for efficient invention harvesting

The company's IP legal director explains how its technology programmes provide a winning formula for maximising patent value while keeping costs under control Read more


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21 May 2020

Global calls for compulsory covid-19 patent licensing build

Scrutiny of biopharma innovators’ coronavirus IP strategies will continue to intensify in coming months as concerns mount about access to treatments Read more

20 May 2020

From the archive – Japan’s patent story

A look into the IAM back catalogue to see how we have covered the developing face of IP strategy in one of the world's great innovation powers Read more

16 May 2020

IP is here to stay, but everything is going to change

As IAM celebrates its 100th issue, a look back at how it all began, a fast forward to the future and a massive thank-you Read more

15 May 2020

Five key takeaways from Akebia v Fibrogen

UK High Court judgment highlights vulnerability of broad Markush claims Read more


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22 May 2020

Supply chain uncertainties loom for IP portfolio managers

Shifting supply chains may mean high-tech manufacturing moves in several directions, but China will continue to be a critical part of IP strategies Read more

21 May 2020

The guide to effective NAND patent investigation

A deep dive into the portfolios of top US rights owners in the space reveals how – and when – waveform and protocol analysis should be used to support evidence of use Read more

21 May 2020

Jail time for trade secret theft in China’s first dispute over 5G intellectual property

Convictions for former ZTE researchers show the country’s big telecom players can make trade secret thieves pay – something foreign companies very rarely achieve in China Read more

20 May 2020

IBM, LG and Nokia among top patent sellers in bumper Q1 for deals

Intellectual Ventures divestments continue to dominate the market while other NPEs seek to bolster their portfolios Read more


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30 Jan 2019

Apple v Qualcomm is the global patent fight for our times

Why Qualcomm’s winning of an injunction in China against Apple is another sign that the patent market is drifting inexorably eastwards. With the country’s answer to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit opening at the start of this year, rights holders have even more reason to turn to Chinese courts. Read more

30 Nov 2018

After years of setting the patent agenda Silicon Valley is now playing defence

The USPTO director’s explicit rejection of the ‘troll’ narrative and the departure of key Congressional backers mean that big technology companies find themselves in the unusual position of not being in control of the US IP policy-making narrative. Read more

27 Sep 2018

A Brexit IP issue with serious political consequences

The UPC and EU trademarks will not inflame any Brexit passions among those outside the IP bubble, but geographical indications are a different matter altogether Read more

1 Feb 2018

Rollercoaster ride for SEP owners continues through 2017

SEP owners had much to celebrate in 2017 but a major decision from a US court meant that the year ended with a familiar amount of uncertainty

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