Licensees must beware of sovereign immunity following CAFC decision

Federal Circuit hands down fractured majority decision in latest dispute over rights of state entities in patent suits

Licensees must beware of sovereign immunity following CAFC decision
Honda identifies 7,000 patents for potential abandonment in trial of AI tool
6 Aug 2020

Honda identifies 7,000 patents for potential abandonment in trial of AI tool

Human analysts agreed with automated system’s maintenance decisions about 85% of the time, says IP general manager Hirokazu Bessho

After PTAB upholds key patent, covid-19 vaccine fight heads to court
4 Aug 2020

After PTAB upholds key patent, covid-19 vaccine fight heads to court

Moderna set to face infringement battle over its mRNA-1273, a hot prospect in the fight against coronavirus


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4 Aug 2020

Patent suits keep coming as India undergoes China tech backlash

Xiaomi and other brands face legal challenges as country rethinks bilateral tech trade and pushes to create its own national champion Read more

31 Jul 2020

Medtronic’s dual patent strategy helps keep it at the forefront of medtech innovation

The company spends a pretty penny on its own R&D efforts but also draws on external sources to fill any gaps, particularly within high-growth digital areas Read more

31 Jul 2020

Key OIN signups show China Inc is on board with open source

Huawei, Baidu and chipmaker Unisoc have joined Tencent and Alibaba in the network, which made getting China more involved a priority several years ago Read more

29 Jul 2020

Clarivate's acquisition of CPA Global raises plenty of questions

Deal creates an IP behomoth and continues the trend towards service provider consolidation - but the new company's clients will need reassurances Read more


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25 Jul 2020

As IP moves up Canada’s national agenda, other countries should follow suit

Trio of initiatives shows the country means business and the risk of a global economic downturn means similar moves may also become an important part of recovery plans elsewhere Read more

20 Jul 2020

After success of early stage covid-19 vaccine trial, Oxford University's coronavirus IP policy explained

With the promising news today that a coronavirus vaccine being developed by scientists at the university is safe and triggers an immune response, we revisit our exclusive April interview with the head of Oxford's tech transfer office in which he talks about its new, expedited, approach to granting covid-related licences Read more

18 Jul 2020

Why Huawei can’t count on patent licensing – at least in the US

Successful dealmaking cannot be isolated from broader political currents and that means China’s 5G champion may need to embrace more out-of-the-box IP value creation strategies Read more

7 Jul 2020

A patent's journey from IAM Market to Facebook v BlackBerry

Analysis shows that assets listed on the platform sell at a higher rate than average, while they are also litigated more often Read more


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29 Jul 2020

Japan, Taiwan data starts to show virus impact on new patent filings

While Chinese applications are back on pace for growth, other East Asian offices are seeing decreased activity Read more

28 Jul 2020

TikTok owner among leading contributors to new video codec standard

Analysis shows Qualcomm is top of the pile, but the presence of a number of Chinese players indicates they will play a big part as the VVC IP landscape develops Read more

28 Jul 2020

Merck calls for ‘democratisation’ of CRISPR-cas9 patent licensing

Simpler access to gene-editing technology needed amid ongoing IP uncertainties, say senior executives Read more

27 Jul 2020

As Intel’s woes mount, remember a 2017 patent warning shot from its GC

The series of setbacks the chipmaker is currently suffering may mean that its stockpile of IP becomes even more important Read more


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8 Jun 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more

30 Jan 2019

Apple v Qualcomm is the global patent fight for our times

Why Qualcomm’s winning of an injunction in China against Apple is another sign that the patent market is drifting inexorably eastwards. With the country’s answer to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit opening at the start of this year, rights holders have even more reason to turn to Chinese courts. Read more

30 Nov 2018

After years of setting the patent agenda Silicon Valley is now playing defence

The USPTO director’s explicit rejection of the ‘troll’ narrative and the departure of key Congressional backers mean that big technology companies find themselves in the unusual position of not being in control of the US IP policy-making narrative. Read more

27 Sep 2018

A Brexit IP issue with serious political consequences

The UPC and EU trademarks will not inflame any Brexit passions among those outside the IP bubble, but geographical indications are a different matter altogether Read more

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