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Intel enjoys a patent rebirth – exclusive analysis reveals assets surge in both number and quality

Giant chipmaker sees growth in grants in its semiconductor core but also in IoT and cybersecurity. 

Intel enjoys a patent rebirth – exclusive analysis reveals assets surge in both number and quality
13 Jul 2018

BT assertion against Fortinet shows how cyber security is becoming big patent business

Rare court action from giant telco is further sign of growing monetisation activity in one of hottest areas in tech.

15 Jun 2018

IBM, Microsoft and Samsung lead the way in cybersecurity patents - but China is catching up fast

Chinese companies feature prominently in ranking of top 25 patent owners led by mobile operator Oppo. 


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1 Jun 2018

Panasonic deal shows that Quarterhill remains a major player in the patent licensing space

WiLAN has acquired a portfolio of patents from Panasonic in the latest in a long line of patent transfers between the Japanese tech giant and the Canadian NPE.  The portfolio contains 34 patent families comprising 96 grants worldwide. It relates to… Read more

1 May 2018

China’s growing surveillance apparatus drives cross-border patent deals

China is home to an estimated 170 million closed-circuit television cameras, and the BBC reports that another 400 million are set to come online by 2020. Chinese tech firms are pushing the limits of facial recognition technology, giving these… Read more

20 Mar 2018

After blockbuster Symantec payout the question for Finjan is where it goes next

Finjan shares jumped yesterday on the news that the company had received the $65 million settlement payout from Symantec following the truce between the two businesses announced at the end of February. That sum, which is one of the largest received… Read more

25 Jan 2018

Finjan sees quick payoff from groundbreaking IBM patent deal

Finjan has already recouped the $2 million it spent on acquiring a small package of patents from IBM last year as part of a deal which saw the cyber security business form a new subsidiary, Finjan Blue. The news emerged as the company announced its… Read more


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15 Jan 2018

Bank of America and IBM lead on blockchain patents, but start-ups and other specialists dominate

As the fluctuating bitcoin market has everyone talking, new research has thrown light on which companies are the leading filers of patents related to blockchain, the technology which underpins the world’s best known cryptocurrency, but whose… Read more

18 Sep 2017

DSS brings in Singapore money man to save its NYSE American listing; Asia offices planned

US-listed PIPCO Document Security Systems has hired a Singapore businessman to head its international and Asia-focused efforts, according to recent SEC filings. The move comes alongside a stock swap that will ensure the company is not de-listed by… Read more

31 Aug 2017

Licensing profits from recent IBM patent purchase will go to shareholders, not Big Blue, Finjan CEO confirms

It may be a depressed market for patent assets generally, but Finjan’s recent deal with IBM seemingly bucks that trend. Big Blue has agreed to hand over 25 grants and 16 applications to the cyber security business and in return will receive $2… Read more

9 Jun 2017

Recent verdict against Cisco highlights need for balance in patent debates in the US

In the US, the patent troll narrative has become one of the dominant forces in how IP owners, lawyers and legislators talk about and view the patent system. It is a narrative that has been extraordinarily successful and while there have been - and… Read more