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Staunch critic of Big Pharma IP strategies confirmed as US Health Secretary

Xavier Becerra may push for anti-patentee policies at HHS, but much remains unknown about the Biden administration’s approach

23 March 2021

Six key rules for successful life sciences technology transfer

The long read: IAM distils key strategic insights from exclusive interviews with thought leaders at Oxford, Imperial, UCL and the Oregon Health & Science University

10 March 2021

Covid-19 patent landscape confusion is a big concern for life sciences organisations

Providing new insights into recent filings, but patent landscape uncertainties may pose dangers in the wake of the pandemic

09 March 2021

Why the CRISPR-Cas9 patent battle matters less than people think

The much-watched US dispute is more complicated than ever, but it may have less impact on CRISPR IP commercialisation than many imagine

04 March 2021

What life sciences businesses need to know about data commercialisation

A strategy for protecting and exploiting data is now a must for entities involved in healthcare research

25 February 2021

How hub-and-spoke businesses are creating new pharma IP monetisation models

The launch of Centessa is the latest development in a trend that has big implications for the monetisation of unpartnered or deprioritised IP-backed pharma assets

23 February 2021

Seven top IP tips for biotech SMEs

How smaller biotechs can best overcome pitfalls and maximise the value of their inventions

18 February 2021

SCOTUS’ denial of certiorari in Idenix v Gilead poses especially difficult IP questions for universities and small biotechs

Recent caselaw has raised serious doubts over the enforceability of US genus claims, leaving life sciences innovators in a quandary

04 February 2021

Why 2021 will be a pivotal year for life sciences patents in China

Despite radical reforms, pharma and biotech innovators still have unanswered questions about the country’s IP system

21 January 2021

Six life sciences IP dealmaking trends to watch out for in 2021

Despite a turbulent 2020 for pharma transactions, it is possible to discern a few patterns for activity in the market this year

19 January 2021

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