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Nokia sues Amazon with video codec SEPs in US, UPC, Germany, and more

The Finnish telecoms firm, which also sued HP Inc in two US venues, claims infringement of AVC and HEVC essential patents and seeks court declarations that it met its FRAND commitments, but the defendants breached them

01 November 2023

Orange, Sisvel SEP assertion wins above-FRAND rate for HTC's unwillingness

The jury verdict sends a message about consequences that unwilling licensees may face in US courts

31 October 2023

EU legislators show resistance to ‘rushed’ SEP regulation

Key European Parliament committee meeting sees significant criticism of the proposed legislation and the timetable for adoption

25 October 2023

Global FRAND fragmentation

Saturday Opinion: SEP licensing expert Eric Stasik offers his take on the potential reaction outside of Europe to the European Commission’s SEP regulation proposal

21 October 2023

Nokia IP revenues decline in Q3 as company job losses loom

The company's licensing revenues are down 14% year-on-year as global litigation continues and external pressures mount

20 October 2023

IP shares: a means to simplify licensing of standard essential patents

Joachim Henkel and Taraneh Maghamé have a bold proposal for SEP licensing: if the innovators who contribute to a technological standard were to collaborate and agree to the IP share of each patent holder, it could bring advantages over the status quo in FRAND licensing

18 October 2023

Ericsson and InterDigital suits targeting Lenovo are among 220 US patent litigations it's defended

As new patent litigation heats up against the Chinese device manufacturer in the US, Docket Navigator data reveals its litigation behaviour and record of success

16 October 2023

BREAKING: Ericsson brings 5G suit against Lenovo in US

The Swedish telecoms leader alleges the Chinese mega-manufacturer doesn't deny that it needs a SEP licence but has delayed paying a fair royalty despite 10 years of negotiations

12 October 2023

Huawei and Qualcomm lead the 5G SEP race

The 5G revolution will disrupt business models for connected devices and prompt industries to reconsider how they deal with intellectual property. With the growing complexity of licensing SEPs in new industry verticals, the need for transparency is increasing.

11 October 2023

5G patent ownership is increasingly fragmented

Meanwhile, the 5G race continues to be dominated by Chinese companies, according to a report by IPlytics

10 October 2023

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