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Samsung, LG and South Korea’s trade secrets dilemma

The long read: Few countries are more focused on the threat of IP leaks to China than South Korea. But when it comes to shoring up legal protections for trade secrets, senior leaders have put on the brakes, anticipating threats to key industry players and national technology goals

03 March 2021

Negotiating patent licensing agreements during a pandemic

Co-published - Although some major deals in the semiconductor space have been concluded over the last year, respondents to a survey on virtual negotiations see major difficulties in online discussions

02 March 2021

Xperi pushes plans for patent business separation into next year

Company puts Comcast litigation firmly in rear-view mirror while announcing $635.6 million in licensing revenue for 2020

26 February 2021

Boom in M&A shifts semiconductor patent landscape

Co-published A surge in activity in 2020 could lead to major IP reconfigurations in the sector

22 February 2021

Dialog’s patents will boost Renesas’ fast growing licensing business

The purchase of the UK chipmaker will contribute to the monetisation programme’s potential, particularly within circuit technologies

19 February 2021

Chinese patent office appears much more dangerous if you're a foreign SEP owner

Statistics show that smartphone companies challenging foreign SEPs were top users of invalidation procedures in 2020, and did far better than average

12 February 2021

Mediatek adds to portfolio as GlobalFoundries sell-off continues

Chip designer bolsters holdings as its China smartphone business zooms

11 February 2021

New lawsuit shows strategic value of Samsung's patent buying programme

With over 21,000 patents to choose from in big OLED battle, Samsung Display is making use of rights it bought from Seiko Epson eight years ago

09 February 2021

Apple and Huawei patent deals continue to pay off for Qualcomm

Revenues from chip giant’s licensing business grow 18% year-on-year and division head Rogers holds out prospect of new royalty programme for auto sector

04 February 2021

Everything you need to know about Wuhan, China’s latest patent litigation hotspot

City once dubbed “China’s Detroit” now bills itself as “Optics Valley” – and it is emerging as China’s anti-suit capital

29 January 2021

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