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2014 was an unforgiving year for many PIPCO investors

Issue 70 of IAM will shortly be available to view online for subscribers, with hard copies hitting desks soon after. As this is our first edition for 2015, Data Centre takes a look back at the performance of publicly-traded IP company (PIPCO) stocks…

29 January 2015

IP-savvy activist shareholders + declining patent values + tightening patent eligibility = potential trouble for public companies

The PIPCO sector has attracted its share of - sometimes less than sophisticated - investor interest and there are a number of investors that are active around privately-held licensing-based businesses. There are also various kinds of financial model…

26 January 2015

No smartphone patent war in China yet, but don’t be surprised if one does erupt

Chinese electronics company Oppo caused a small stir at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month with its accusation that Polaroid’s ‘Selfie’ smartphone copied its own rotating camera design. It is tempting to see this as…

20 January 2015

The fate of Hydis is a lesson in IP mismanagement for Korea’s tech companies

Korean thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel manufacturer Hydis Technologies looks likely to wrap up its operations with the loss of hundreds of jobs and the shutdown of manufacturing facilities, Business Korea reported…

16 January 2015

Patent law changes in US mean there are potentially billions of dollars of write-downs on public company balance sheets, says Spangenberg

Erich Spangenberg, the CEO of nXn Partners and founder and former CEO of IP Navigation Group (IPNav), is not a man to mince his words; and in an exclusive article for the IAM blog he is certainly not doing that. Instead, he has put together a piece…

15 January 2015

NPE suits in the US down significantly in 2014 and figures make it clear that SMEs are very much a secondary target

The 2014 Patent Litigation Report published earlier this week by Unified Patents is a treasure trove of statistics. Not surprisingly for a firm whose business model is focused on helping clients defend against “frivolous lawsuits” primarily…

10 January 2015

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