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Yangtze Memory Technologies’ IP strategy for independence

IP Head Daniel Chan discusses how the semiconductor company aims to reduce reliance on foreign market players

13 February 2024

OpenSky sanctions reignite debate over PTAB reform

Attorneys say Intel reaping the benefits, while VLSI is left to pick up the pieces, sends mixed message about integrity of IPR process

08 February 2024

Analysing TSMC’s use of IP to minimise risk during expansion

The semiconductor giant has become increasingly focused on both its patent and trade secrets strategy at a time when it is also experiencing threats and risks from all sides

08 February 2024

Pandemic-era patent applications have levelled off a downturn in US grants

Anaqua AcclaimIP's analysis found that US companies, which earn the most US patents, increased their number of 2023 patents by 18% year-over-year

07 February 2024

Qualcomm CIPO says 5G improvements and 6G innovations led to 2023 patent increase

“It's just a natural outcome of the fundamental R&D that we've been doing,” says Chief IP Counsel Bob Giles about the company’s high ranking for 2023 patent grants

02 February 2024

Qualcomm announces agreement extensions with Apple, Samsung

The extension of these licences is good news for the company but it does not expect a material change in Qualcomm Technology Licensing’s revenues

01 February 2024

Fewer ITC cases in 2023, but more headlines due to Apple Watch saga

More than half the complaints involved Chinese companies, suggesting corporations are concerned with the “world’s factory”

29 January 2024

Meet the first chief IP officer of US patent licensing firm Adeia

As Joseph Guiliano gears up to fuel Adeia’s aggressive patent portfolio growth plan, here are his views on forming close relationships with R&D peers and ensuring quality over quantity

26 January 2024

Two critical takeaways from VLSI’s appellate loss of patent mega-verdict

The Federal Circuit reverses and vacates $2.54 billion jury verdict but opens the door for VLSI to make another run at a 10-figure damages recovery

25 January 2024

TSMC’s gold-plated approach to trade secrets strategy

IAM caught up with Associate General Counsel Dr Fortune Shieh about rewarding innovators and how the company clocked up more than 100,000 new trade secrets in a single year

19 January 2024

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