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Meta sees results from focus on diversity in patenting and innovation

As Women’s History Month unfolds in the US, the company is acting to re-engineer the status quo by changing the balance among its attorneys and inventors

02 March 2022

Samir Armaly to depart Xperi as it launches search for CEO to lead IP licensing spin-off

Xperi announces that its licensing chief will leave the company and gives update on plans for standalone IP licencing business, to be called Adeia

25 February 2022

Growing monetisation space in Korea is backdrop to Samsung exec's jump to NPE world

Patent transactions involving former Samsung IP head reveal context of in-house chief’s move to the licensing sector – a big uptick in local standards development and dealmaking

24 February 2022

Rovi’s IPR success in Comcast patent war gave it top PTAB ranking

Docket Navigator shows that petitions against the company were instituted just 42% of the time, making it the rights holder whose assets are the most difficult to challenge

21 February 2022

Dolby Labs IP head leaves to take charge at Via Licensing

After 15 years at the company, Heath Hoglund reflects on what he has achieved and looks forward to his next challenge

16 February 2022

Dusseldorf appeal court AASI rejection could see more SEP suits go to Munich

Pre-emptive injunctions will not be granted against implementers, says city’s Higher Regional Court, in second recent blow to Access Advance licensors

16 February 2022

Buyer and seller can be pleased with the BlackBerry patent sale’s outcome

The Canadian company has secured another three years’ worth of income from an encumbered portfolio, while the buyers can take high-quality assets into new markets

03 February 2022

Apple acquires video patents from Korean research entity

Transaction represents the first publicly recorded US patent deal for small lab focused on VVC

03 February 2022

BlackBerry portfolio sold for $600 million to SPV led by US-based patent market insider

New entity can now begin monetising a horde of around 35,000 assets that is already licensed to many major players in the mobile space

31 January 2022

Two VVC pools up and running, but several big players remain on the sidelines

MPEG-LA announces a new pool with 11 initial licensors and royalty rates similar to its HEVC offering

28 January 2022

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