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Talks over covid vaccine IP waiver appear increasingly futile

Saturday Opinion: The prospect of an international agreement on the proposed suspension of TRIPS now appears vanishingly small

23 October 2021

Pharma speaks loud and clear on need for 101 changes, but consensus for reform remains elusive

US life sciences leadership is at stake, industry tells USPTO, but comments on eligibility study show deep divisions remain

22 October 2021

Hub and spoke IP strategies are generating billions of dollars in biopharma

New Crinetics spin-off is more evidence of the growing influence of models designed to monetise non-core life sciences assets

22 October 2021

EU-wide SPCs would make unitary patent system more attractive, says Bayer IP chief

Joerg Thomaier believes unitary supplementary protection certificates should be introduced to coincide with the roll-out of the UPC

21 October 2021

Investment in medical device IP is surging

Diagnostic innovation buyouts drive resurgence of med-tech deal-making

19 October 2021

Japan ruling party to back secrecy legislation for sensitive patents

A change to the country’s patent system could be included in new prime minister Fumio Kishida's signature economic security agenda

18 October 2021

Moderna’s covid-19 patent pledge may be backfiring

Though a short-term PR success, the company’s commitment risks looking hollow after its decision not to license know-how to new WHO Africa tech-transfer hub

15 October 2021

AbbVie suffers knock-back in Humira trade secrets dispute

Illinois district court dismisses case relating to alleged misappropriation outside the US

15 October 2021

FDA orphan drug defeat has important implications for exclusivity

Agency acted in a way that was “arbitrary, capricious and not in accordance with the law” over treatment for rare disease developed by Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, says 11th Circuit appellate court

12 October 2021

Four IP takeaways from Merck’s $11.5 billion Acceleron acquisition

Merck has struck the biggest life sciences M&A deal of 2021 so far. Here are the four key IP-related takeaways.

07 October 2021

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