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Prepare now: call to action for chief IP officers on draft FTC non-compete policy

Commission may face legal challenges but risks of trade secrets breaches and increased litigation abound

13 January 2023

What BioNTech’s £362 million AI acquisition says about the future of life sciences IP strategies

The convergence of tech and biopharma has major implications for patent professionals

13 January 2023

SCOTUS will not hear $1.2 billion written description appeal, despite landmark enablement review

The court rejected Juno Therapeutics’ appeal, despite claims of similarity with Amgen v Sanofi dispute

11 January 2023

Royalty Pharma strikes another $1 billion dollar deal to acquire patent-backed revenue rights

Sales of drug earnings streams is an increasingly popular means of monetising life sciences innovations

10 January 2023

Novartis $245 million pay-out is latest reminder of pay-for-delay risks

Patent litigation settlements face increasingly dangerous antitrust pitfalls

09 January 2023

USPTO director welcomes turn of year with wave of patent battle decisions

Kathi Vidal will conduct a sua sponte review in Samsung vs Netlist and issued updates on VLSI IPR abuse reviews

06 January 2023

Brazil’s Supreme Court deals blow to rights holders on patent terms

A similar, separate case this year may still trigger a change of course, however

06 January 2023

Viking’s trade secret lawsuit highlights collaboration risks

New allegations demonstrate a growing overlap between patent and trade secret disputes

05 January 2023

F-Star buyout delay shows growing national security disruption to patent dealmaking

Purchase by Sino Biopharm subsidiary has been put on hold by US authorities

04 January 2023

Four developments to watch out for in the mRNA patent wars this year

Disputes over vaccine technology will continue to occupy headlines in 2023

03 January 2023

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