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Unified Patent Court: strategic considerations for life sciences companies

Featured in IAM Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2022

The UPC provides an additional forum for European life sciences patent litigation, with new strategic opportunities and challenges that must be navigated.

18 August 2022

Mysterious patent-purchasing biotech now embroiled in trade secrets dispute

New market entrant Terran Biosciences takes action against rival Compass Pathways in Maryland district court

17 August 2022

A new wave of US biosimilar patent disputes begins

After a lull in biologic versus imitator disputes, Regeneron has sued Mylan and more litigation is likely to follow

16 August 2022

The patent challenges of the Indian company set to become the world’s biggest biosimilars business

In an exclusive interview Biocon Biologics’ chief IP counsel explains the issues that he and his team focus on – and how an upcoming, big-ticket merger will lead to change

16 August 2022

The five hub-and-spokes models transforming pharma IP commercialisation

Several approaches have emerged under this banner, each offering advantages and disadvantages

15 August 2022

How Brazil is becoming a more favourable jurisdiction for life sciences patentees

Contrary to appearances, Latin America’s largest economy is developing a more favourable environment for pharma and biotech innovators.

12 August 2022

Pfizer and Amgen fight to avoid patent cliff falls in multi-billion dollar buying sprees

With significant revenue drop-offs from existing branded products set to decline steeply in the second half of this decade, major portfolio acquisitions are a priority for both companies

10 August 2022

Patent thickets not a problem, says US court in AbbVie case

The company’s controversial Humira IP strategy is not anticompetitive, says the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

04 August 2022

Xifaxan patent loss causes Bausch shares to tumble

The invalidation of US rights underpinning the anti-intestinal-infection drug has shaken confidence in the company’s future

03 August 2022

IP tax strategies come under fire from US senators

Legislators put pharma companies under the microscope and blame a law signed by President Trump in 2017 for patent-based payment mitigation

01 August 2022

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