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Computer, communication and e-commerce patent cases on the rise at PTAB

New IAM and Docket Navigator litigation report reveals key trends, including declining semiconductor asset challenges

06 September 2022

Pfizer/BioNTech strike back in covid vaccine patent war with first UK action

Companies seek non-infringement and invalidity judgment against CureVac, which launched a suit against them in Germany in July

06 September 2022

Moderna is likely regretting its covid-19 patent pledge

The company’s October 2020 non-enforcement promise may be a roadblock for its legal action against Pfizer/BioNTech

03 September 2022

Allergan scores victory in trailblazing US patent fraud whistle-blower suit

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal puts the breaks on whistleblower’s attempts to show deception in company’s dealings with the USPTO

01 September 2022

Case against FDA may shed light on long-running Orange Book uncertainty

Doubts over whether REMS patents can be listed could be clarified in a case brought by Avadel CNS Pharmaceuticals in Washington DC

30 August 2022

Merck’s $3.5 billion deal reflects surging interest in fast-moving RNA IP landscape

Innovations in the space are attracting growing attention from investors and Big Pharma

29 August 2022

Moderna sues Pfizer for patent infringement in the US and Germany over covid 19 vaccine

The company emphasises that it is not seeking injunctive relief and is only looking at sales the defendants have made since March of this year

26 August 2022

Novartis cross-border injunction win shows why Dutch litigation is so attractive to patentees

Court in The Hague bans drug sales across EU in decision that raises tough questions which the CJEU may need to answer

26 August 2022

Top university IP head voices concerns about new UK foreign investment law

Imperial College tech transfer chief Vjera Magdalenic-Moussavi says the recent legislation puts dealmaking in danger

23 August 2022

From academy to industry: China’s new trend and policies on academic technology transfer

Featured in IAM Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2022

Most universities and research institutes in China are government-funded, and university­-generated intellectual property is considered state-owned property, making concern over the improper disposal, or even loss of, state-owned property the most prominent issue of academic technology transfers.

18 August 2022

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