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MPEG LA chief calls on rights owners to make CRISPR patent pool a reality

Larry Horn speaks exclusively to IAM about the future of biotech joint licensing programmes

25 March 2022

After sealing Apple patent deal, a WiLAN sale may be next on the agenda

It is a complete business with a strong portfolio, and processes and a methodology for optimising returns, says CEO of parent company Quarterhill

24 March 2022

IP transactions in life sciences: data transfer, sharing and exclusivity in China and Canada

It is imperative that life sciences professionals take account of issues surrounding data handling and technology transfer, in order to effectively maintain and enforce their IP rights

23 March 2022

Australian pharma patentees now face an uphill battle to obtain interlocutory injunctions

The tide has turned against rights holders in recent years, write Gavin Adkins and Jacqueline Simpkin of Griffith Hack – though an accompanying trend of expedited trials offers some consolation

21 March 2022

Sanofi scores $300 million in unusual royalty deal

Deal announced by French pharma giant this week is highly distinctive, but also reflects several recent trends in the booming drug revenue market

17 March 2022

Breakthrough in TRIPS covid waiver negotiations – here’s what you need to know

There are reports of a compromise deal agreeed by the US, EU, India and South Africa, but no official confirmation

16 March 2022

Analysis of patents, SEPs and standards in the smart healthcare sector

Smart healthcare is set to inaugurate radical changes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. A deep dive into patent filings, SEP declarations and standards contributions that describe a smart healthcare application provides a compelling snapshot of this growing area

16 March 2022

Final Humira settlement proves effectiveness of AbbVie patent strategy

Alvotech’s AVT02 will not enter the US market until July 2023

15 March 2022

Vaccine hub leader welcomes new Moderna patent pledge, but calls for collaboration

Petro Terblanche speaks to IAM about the mRNA innovator’s expanded IP commitment

14 March 2022

Fujifilm unit hits upstart rival with ultrasound patent suit

New competitor litigation, coupled with significant M&A-related patent transactions, show how crucial medical imaging is to the Japanese giant's continued re-invention

14 March 2022

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