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Drug royalty sales supercharged by sinking biotech valuations, says leading dealmaker

Following the firm’s recent $115 million investment, Sagard Healthcare Royalty Partners’ Ali Alagheband says a flurry of activity is underway in the market

03 October 2022

Takeda continuing divestment spree by monetising unwanted oncology IP

The Japanese company is leading the pack in trend of commercialising de-prioritised assets

30 September 2022

Recent ECJ case law and latest referrals for preliminary rulings on the SPC Regulation

Featured in IAM Innovation & Invention Yearbook 2023

In the life sciences industry, patent protection for innovative medicinal products is pivotal to the commercial success of new drug products.

29 September 2022

Why compulsory licensing is a blunt instrument in the post-covid landscape

Turkey’s recent compulsory licence decision shines a light on the questionable use of compulsory licence provisions around the world in relation to the pandemic. The creation of the covid vaccine has sparked discussions on IP rights and where the real regulatory focus should be.

28 September 2022

Diagnosing the patent and trade secret strategy behind a biotech company's success

Dr Kenneth Wong, of Singapore-based MiRXES, discusses using a multi-faceted IP approach to propel the company forward

22 September 2022

How Imperial College London uses IP to generate impact

Exclusive IAM interview with the university’s tech transfer chief Vjera Magdalenic-Moussavi

19 September 2022

Robotic surgery is next frontier for standardisation and IoT

Titan Medical IP chief discusses need for standards in innovative healthcare

15 September 2022

Novartis Entresto lawsuit underlines growing importance of cocrystals for patent strategy

US university litigation seeks damages and ongoing royalties over blockbuster heart failure drug which generated $2.22 billion in 2H 2022

13 September 2022

Chinese Supreme Court’s first patent linkage ruling is a mixed bag

The top court speedily backed an earlier judgment against rights owner Chugai Pharmaceuticals

08 September 2022

Embracing the trade secrets buzz

Martin Zorrilla, CTO of Singapore-based insect farming start-up Nutrition Technologies, explains how capturing, protecting and exploiting the company’s know-how creates new opportunities, as well as peace of mind

08 September 2022

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