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SCOTUS gives Gilenya generics the green light in fresh blow to Novartis

The move is latest setback for the patentee in its dramatic written description dispute

17 October 2022

EU’s Teva patent abuse allegations reflect growing competition law scrutiny of IP strategies

The European Commission has preliminarily found that the Israeli company has broken antitrust rules

11 October 2022

Amgen’s in-house litigators secure good results in ANDA patent litigation

Docket Navigator shows that Amgen’s in-house legal team appeared on 78 of the 85 patent assertions in US district court since 2008

10 October 2022

Five SCOTUS developments that life sciences IP professionals need to know about

The past two weeks have seen a flurry of patent-related activity at the US Supreme Court

07 October 2022

SCOTUS signals willingness to tackle skinny label questions worrying generic drug industry

The Supreme Court's request for Solicitor General input increases the chances of a hearing on skinny-label controversies

06 October 2022

Waco jury awards $273 million damages in first battle of David-v-Goliaths licensing campaign

Ravgen is pursuing several large diagnostics companies in patent enforcement drive

04 October 2022

Drug royalty sales supercharged by sinking biotech valuations, says leading dealmaker

Following the firm’s recent $115 million investment, Sagard Healthcare Royalty Partners’ Ali Alagheband says a flurry of activity is underway in the market

03 October 2022

Takeda continuing divestment spree by monetising unwanted oncology IP

The Japanese company is leading the pack in trend of commercialising de-prioritised assets

30 September 2022

Recent ECJ case law and latest referrals for preliminary rulings on the SPC Regulation

Featured in IAM Innovation & Invention Yearbook 2023

In the life sciences industry, patent protection for innovative medicinal products is pivotal to the commercial success of new drug products.

29 September 2022

Why compulsory licensing is a blunt instrument in the post-covid landscape

Turkey’s recent compulsory licence decision shines a light on the questionable use of compulsory licence provisions around the world in relation to the pandemic. The creation of the covid vaccine has sparked discussions on IP rights and where the real regulatory focus should be.

28 September 2022

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