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Stealthy biotech buys up patent portfolios in string of recent deals

Terran Biosciences has emerged from obscurity to snap up slew of IP rights in the past two months

04 May 2022

Pharma, not high-tech, concerns now dominate US patent politics

The first pronouncements from new USPTO Director Kathi Vidal are the latest indication that the centre of gravity in IP debate and policy-making has shifted significantly

30 April 2022

Vidal suggests tougher scrutiny for pharma patents is in the works

In some of her first public remarks, USPTO director hints at concrete actions the agency could soon take to address perceived patent abuses in life sciences

28 April 2022

IP transactions in life sciences in ASEAN countries: data exclusivity

While the respective IP laws of ASEAN states differ with regard to data exclusivity in the field of life sciences, all are focused on strengthening the enforcement of IP rights for pharmaceutical products.

27 April 2022

SCOTUS suggests willingness to finally tackle patent enablement standard

The US Supreme Court seeks Solicitor General’s input on whether take up controversial section 112 questions

22 April 2022

Brazil beats patent backlog with help of international searches and AI

The INPI harnessed examination work done abroad as well as cutting-edge technology to reduce pileup of applications by 80%

21 April 2022

China hands down first patent linkage decision at breakneck speed

Beijing IP Court makes decision in first Hatch-Waxman-style dispute after five months.

21 April 2022

US Supreme Court asked to intervene in decision with big implications for orphan drugs

Rare disease treatment innovators may have to adapt their regulatory exclusivity strategies if the country’s highest court declines to review a landmark recent judgment

20 April 2022

IP transactions in life sciences in ASEAN countries: IP ownership and sharing

The respective IP laws of ASEAN states differ when it comes to IP ownership and sharing provisions.

20 April 2022

What the New York Times got right about patents

The newspaper's position set out in a recent and controversial editorial is too harsh on the US system as a whole, but some of its proposed reforms would bring greater balance

19 April 2022

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