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US Federal Trade Commission set to tighten screws on patent strategies

New policy statement likely to target pay-for-delay deals and sham litigation

18 November 2022

Revealed: US filing trends, patent verdicts and competitor litigation detente

The second instalment of the joint IAM-Docket Navigator US litigation report focuses on the most contentious technology centres in 2022’s third quarter

18 November 2022

Your guide to synthetic drug royalty dealmaking

Selling revenue streams is an increasingly important way of monetising pharma innovations

16 November 2022

Why Germany is opposing the WTO’s decision to suspend patent protection

While WTO member states have expressed general sympathy for the goal to provide broad access to vaccine technology during the pandemic, Germany continues to favour patent protection over compulsory licensing.

16 November 2022

Regeneron’s lightning-fast patent trial to reshape originator-v-biosimilar litigation strategies

District Court decision could mean plaintiffs have more power to control speed and scope of US litigation

14 November 2022

“A strong IP and IA portfolio is the bedrock of our company”: Vivo Surgical founder on building an award-winning medtech offering

Head of Singapore-based startup reflects on the importance of patents in ensuring its products are proprietary and unique

10 November 2022

Moderna attempt to deflect covid infringement suits to US government takes a setback

District Court in Delaware rebuffs company’s attempt to deny liability in the latest development of the increasingly complex mRNA patent wars

08 November 2022

SCOTUS to review Patent Act enablement standard for first time in more than 70 years

Surprise decision to hear Amgen’s appeal follows Solicitor General advice not to grant certiorari

07 November 2022

Drug royalty agreements can help Big Pharma overcome patent cliffs, says top dealmaker

Behzad Khosrowshahi, CEO of DRI Healthcare Trust, looks at recent deals the firm has done, explains what makes a transaction attractive and how to get one over the line

04 November 2022

Successfully navigating ‘commercially reasonable effort’ obligations in IP agreements

Tips on winning in the courtroom plus case law and compliance guidance

02 November 2022

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