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We need a better debate about US pharma patents

Opinion: Popular attacks on America’s life sciences patent system are highly misleading

18 March 2023

Moderna’s efforts to deflect covid vaccine infringement liability run into more difficulties

Surprise intervention of US government has not helped the mRNA company

17 March 2023

Five things to watch in US Supreme Court oral argument in Amgen v Sanofi

Chief IP officers at large and small companies – especially life sciences – are closely watching the case which promises to settle debate about what comprises sufficient enablement under Section 112

15 March 2023

Five patent takeaways from Pfizer’s $43 billion Seagen buyout

The takeover of the biopharma innovator is the largest pharma sector deal since 2019

14 March 2023

Federal Circuit fails to clear up REMS patent uncertainties in latest Orange Book ruling

Questions over FDA patent listing remain following Jazz v Avadel dispute

09 March 2023

US commenters warn of ‘unintended consequences’ in pharma patent crackdown

Potential initiatives to limit continuation practice are causing deep divides in the life sciences patent community – causing technology licensors and Big Tech to take sides

07 March 2023

Infamous Cabilly patents come back to haunt Biogen in new Genentech suit

Highly-litigated intellectual property to feature in yet another dispute

07 March 2023

Square peg in a round hole: the dangers of expanding the TRIPS waiver

Saturday Opinion: Disseminating covid diagnostics and therapeutics is critical, but attempting to do so via the TRIPS waiver extension is rife with unintended consequences

04 March 2023

Public criticisms of pharma patents are “way overstated”, Kathi Vidal tells IAM

The USPTO director shares her thoughts on life sciences IP rights and ongoing collaboration with the FDA

02 March 2023

Moderna pays $400 million for patent licence amid tense relationship with US government

The vaccine maker has paid for use of state-owned IP, but several points of contention remain

28 February 2023

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