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US patent cases plummet by 18% in 2023

The disappearance of prolific NPEs drove filings down while trends in Delaware and the Western District of Texas have catapulted EDTX Chief Judge Rodney Gilstrap back to the top

15 January 2024

The R&D NPE humbling Samsung, Apple, Dell and others since 2018

Managed by Hilco IP Merchant Banking, Bell Northern Research has found a strategy that works, alongside sister company Bell Semiconductor

10 January 2024

Cloudera’s $240 million verdict crowned largest in US in Q4 2023

The data storage firm’s loss was the fourth-highest award in the last 12 months, with Google’s $338.8 million defeat topping the heap

08 January 2024

The metaverse: How 5G will kick-start the big-bang in cyberspace

Ericsson Senior IPR Policy Researcher Robin Stratford explains how an efficient and robust FRAND licensing framework will be crucial for the rollout of 5G enabled metaverse technology

20 December 2023

Back with a bang: Eastern District of Texas is the most popular patent court

New rules implemented by chief judges in both Western District and Delaware likely turned the tide

18 December 2023

WiFi 6 wars: Huawei scores injunctions against Amazon & AVM, while Wilus sues Acer

Developments in the space make it increasingly likely that the number of Sisvel licensees will continue to grow

15 December 2023

Secondary patent market for video streaming assets heating up

NPEs are looking for patents to assert not only against device makers – Apple, Google, Samsung – but also leading video streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu

12 December 2023

Lenovo, Amazon take licences to HEVC pool by Access Advance

Dell is another new licensee while on the patent holder side, BlackBerry has joined HEVC Advance. Does it show HEVC is spreading and the pool landscape has consolidated?

01 December 2023

Nokia sues Amazon with video codec SEPs in US, UPC, Germany, and more

The Finnish telecoms firm, which also sued HP Inc in two US venues, claims infringement of AVC and HEVC essential patents and seeks court declarations that it met its FRAND commitments, but the defendants breached them

01 November 2023

InterDigital and Sony’s joint venture to launch IoT licensing programme

Seeking to commercialise 10 years of R&D, Convida Wireless will license its M2M connectivity technologies to cloud and edge services companies and telco providers for their IoT platforms

24 October 2023

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